Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 90 ] "Bonus Xmas Round!!!" 白蚁.


Hello friends of "steemit", this time I want to participate in this activity related to the whole musical movement, play the rhythm below and perform your freestyle sections / song / scratch / verse / guitar solo or whatever feel about it !, this is my presentation and it is called "I do not feel well". If you wish to participate here is the contest.


YO!! Worldwide Cypher Jam ROUND 90!!
Bonus Xmas Round!!!! ...

So, you're off work! You can't go the festive season without The Worldwide Cypher Jam!! I know that!! ... Never fear!!

You have a choice of 2 beats for this round!!
Sleigh bells = Christmas beat apparently!!! Job done!!

Beat 1: 'Exit Sandman' 白蚁.

Play the beats I have made for you and record your bars/freestyle/art/lyrics/singing/carols/scratching/epic solo/whatever you got, over it!! HAVE FUN!! Use phones/laptops/cameras/home studio or whatever you want to record it!!!


... Let's fuck ** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... peace and enjoyment.

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