World Of Warcraft Classic, why can't I choose my Main!

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Classic WoW has been live for 3 weeks and it has been a blast. I "prepared" the best I could. I played private servers a few months before lauch to get a feel of the warrior class as this is what I planned to main. A Female Human Warrior. Something about smaller hit boxes on female characters, disproven before launch.

Learn the in's and outs of the class and getting pretty fast at getting out of the starting zones.

Eventually when the servers launched I created characters on two of the fullest servers in the EU Shazzrah and the other one I cant recall now.

The first day I played a bunch and made good progress. Only to realize if you want to take a extended break there was no going offline. The servers had extended queues.

Decided when my Human warrior was lvl 17 that with my semi casual playtime. I rerolled to another server with less population.. Frustrated with the Alliance side I choose the best Damage race in the game for the Warrior class. ORC!


With dungeon cleave as meta I started spamming those dungeons as tank. And boy there wasnt a time that i dint have a group. Everyone needs a tank and everyone loves warrior melee as dps. So levels flew past.


But I was playing alone and sure that some people I know was probably playing on another server something I dreaded. I leveled all the way to level 39.


One of my life long friend was playing with other South-Africans, some of his friends and they have a guild called Snakes on a plane, on the server called Ashbringer, named after a famous Paladin sword.

But I didnt even manage to level to level 10 as a mage when some of my other buddies from Rugby where also playing WoW on the dreadmist server. So I rolled on the alliance side and I am now playing a dwarf warrior and a Gnome mage with them. They play a bit more so I think I have finally found my wow classic home.

I just have not finalized Mage or Warrior. We need a tank if we want to run dungeons. Because as 3 damage dealers its pretty hard to form a group.



Tank is the way 😁, healer 2nd

Oh man have I been having second thoughts about my choices. I need to do a update.

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