World Of Hip Hop #2 - Introducing "Merkules" [EN/DE]

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Welcome to World Of Hip Hop! Where we shine a light on some of the amazing Hip Hop talent from around the globe with the help of @neutronenkind!


Every week I introduce you to rappers from all over the world, to expand your horizon! Hip Hop is a worldwide movement that knows no boundaries and does not stop at race, gender, skin colour or other things.

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Hello steemians! Its @neutronenkind with the #worldofhiphop column again!
Well, what shall I tell you about Merkules... he looks like a tattooed Buddha, has a damn catchy voice and raps like a young god! When I heard one of his songs for the first time, I was immediately enthusiastic about his flow and his style.

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According to my research, he was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia. Since he first rapped publicly he has already delivered over 500 performances worldwide.
He is also one of the most listened to Canadian musicians with over 90 million views on YouTube and over 30 million audio streams.

But he has my absolute respect! For that and for his grandiose videos! But listen for yourself!

Merkules - L.A.S.H. feat. Snak The Ripper

You can fin more on Merkules below!

Official Website -

Merkules - Save Us ft. Snak The Ripper (Official Video)

Merkules - ''Panda'' Remix

Merkules - Conor Mcgregor (Official Video)

See you next week - @neutronenkind


Hallo steemians! Ich bins wieder @neutronenkind mit der #worldofhiphop Kolumne
Tja, was soll ich euch zu Merkules erzählen... er sieht aus wie ein tättowierter Buddha, hat eine verdammt einprägsame Stimme und rappt wie ein junger Gott! Als ich das erste mal eines seiner Lieder gehört habe war ich sofort begeistert von seinem Flow und seinem Stil.

Meinen recherchen nach ist er in Surrey, British Columbien geboren und aufgewachsen. Seit er das erste mal öffentlich rappte hat er schon über 500 Auftritte weltweit abgeliefert.
Außerdem ist er mit über 90 Millionen views auf Youtube und über 30 Millionen Audiostreams einer der meistgehörten Musiker aus Kanada.

Dafür hat er meinen absoluten respekt! Dafür und für seine grandiosen Videos! – Aber hört selbst!

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Nice one bro! Guess you knew I was in Canada huh? hahahah


Thanks 😉 of course u knew 😁

Pretty dope! I havent been on Steemit much but as a hiphop artist and lover I will for sure be following this initiative to see what dope talent you highlight 💯


Thank you @talea.monet! Happy to have your support. make sure to join us on Discord!

Merkules deserves all the credit possible! Great to see hhtb gave him the spotlight. Cheers!


Yes Yes! Definitely!

I heard about Merkules on Sway in the Morning recently. Raw lyricist.



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