Why Argentina does not get good defender?

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Argentina's biggest concern for many years is their defenses. In the 2014 World Cup, Alejandro Sabella took Argentina to the final, Without one Marco's Roho, there is no defender in Argentina team at russia world cup.

The problem of defense is that Argentina is traditional, it can not be said. From the country that came from Daniel Passarla, Oscars Rogerie, Luis Monty, Roberto Ayala, Javier Janeetti, Huan Pablo Sorin, Luis Galvan, José Luis Browne, and World Suicide Defender, José Seussifo, in Argentina, the defender's torrent is a little over the years.
But at the very least, this kind of thing happened, it can not be said. For a long time, the indication was that Argentine football is going to fall into the world-class defender. And they are responsible for their domestic football.

Most of the best defenders in Argentina's history prove themselves as world-class while playing in Argentina's domestic league. All the defenders of the 1978 World Cup and the 1986 World Cup were world-class. There was not much difference between European domestic football and Latin American domestic football. Football was not such a big business then.
Football has become a billion-dollar trade mark, since the nineties. Originally in Europe The game of football in Europe means that the money in the bait is the money. Latin America, Africa's poor-middle-class families began to become soccer counterparts. Argentina is suffering from its biggest disbelief.

The financial crisis in Argentina is increasing day by day. The clubs have been more dependent on players' export. Players at European clubs are now the main focus of Argentinean clubs. Main trade Normally a forward price is higher. The defender's price is low. That's why all the Argentinean clubs are behind investment attacks. Attention is there The effect of which is not only defender; Midfielders have also been in crisis.

Argentina has been exporting the most footballers for a few years. It is now the core trade of Argentina clubs. Argentina is a grassroot of talented players, that is why clubs can provide players in Europe every year. The club kept its own through the sale of that player. Parents of emerging footballers want children to be an attacking footballer.

In these cases, coaches of the age groups generally play a big role. They set the future course of emerging talent. There is such a horror story that the coach who has encouraged the athlete to play the attack, became the defender of his childhood. Again, the Defender was made a midfielder or forward. Here also the Argentines suffer from the amnesia of clubs

The interest of the national team is also thought of as the impact of the federation on the basis of age-based football structures in neighboring Argentina countries. It was the responsibility of the Argentine Football Association. In fact, in the last three years, the AFA through three presidents now own bankruptcy. Even after knowing that the debate could happen, they agreed to play Preetamatch in Israel, because the money was lucrative. In the domestic football of Argentina, the financial crisis has made the country's national team in jeopardy.

The most successful team in the Youth World Cup Argentina They won the record 6 times Youth World Cup. The last to win in 2007 After 2007, they could not cross the qualification round twice in the last 5 fixtures. Twice was dropped twice in the first round. After the Copa America in 1993, Argentina's biggest success came in international football, winning gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. That Argentina can not qualify even in Olympic football. The Argentine's age group has been shuffled. The club's football anarchy is behind.

See the list of players from the current Argentine team in major clubs in Europe. None of the World Cup squad defenders are world-class. Only one Nicholas Ottameni plays Manchester City regularly. Federico Fazio plays in Rome, the next five matches have to be played while playing a match. Marcos Rohan is also playing for Manchester United, but only after getting the first-choice defender in the team. Gabriel Markando did not get regular opportunities in teams like Sevier. Eduardo Salvio, Nicholas Togalifiko, Marcus Acuna played in Middle-class clubs in Europe. With this protection Argentina came to play in the World Cup.
However, the team's attackers have each one of their best stars in the club. Lionel Messi does not need to speak differently. Manchester City's main striker Sergio Aguero, Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain and Paolo DiBala, the main players of Italy's best club Juventus, have played before Angelo de Maria, one of the PSG's best clubs, in Real Madrid, Manchester United. Inter Milan captain Stuart Maureu Icardi was not able to get the chance in the Argentina squad.

With the Argentine aggression, the sky-skies differ with the protection. Sir Alex Ferguson has a famous saying, "The attack will win you matches, win the title of victory." Without extraordinary aggression, either won a match or not, that Argentina did not have the strong hold to win the title. The last World Cup has crossed the final of the Argentina defense.
Argentina's anxiety is not only this year's World Cup, but also the World Cup.

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