2018 Summer Pastime - The World Cup

in #worldcup6 years ago

The summer of 2018 has been a very special one for me! Not only we welcomed our first baby, it is also the World Cup which is my favourite sporting event.

It has been an interesting World Cup that's full of surprises to say the least (for those who followed it would understand what I meant). In any case, I was lucky enough to watch all the games at home as I am on maternity leave at the moment!

Most people would enjoy a pint and a game at the pub. For me, I enjoyed all the games with summer fruit. For the special World Cup Final, I made a special fruit plate and my husband was impressed too (LOL).




Seriously, I am going to miss this year's world cup. But it also makes me to look forward to the next one in 4 years!!

Last but not least, congratulations to France for winning the title!


That plate is sooooo cuuutee * x *

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