The World Is Being Brought To A Stalemate, Insurance Policy Put Into Place, Strings Cut - Ep. 2677b

in #world4 months ago

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The American people did not spend the way the fake news and the economist thought. Retail sales are down 1.9% last month. This is well below what was expected. The Biden administration is blowing off inflation, blaming everyone else. The supply chain issue has now begun. The [DS] tried to bring down the economy during Trump's Presidency now he has turned the tables on them. The [DS] being brought to a stalemate, no wars. Trump and the patriots have it all, they have the insurance policy, all strings have been cut. The [DS] is now fighting for their lives, the pandemic and their great reset push is failing. Trump and the patriots needed to remove the blackmail, cut strings to gain control to return the power back to the people, this is what we are watching. The [DS] has lost the game they decided to play.

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