Gaining demo pressure, The prime minister of Armenia resigned

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Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sarksyan said he would resign to help maintain peace in the Soviet Union. Sarksyan retreat after a massive demonstration in the Armenian capital, Yerevan.
Sarksyan, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has served as President of Armenia for a decade. Earlier this month he was elected Prime Minister of Armenia, in elections held by the country's Parliament.
Not long after he was appointed Prime Minister, demonstrations broke out in Yerevan. Demonstrators, who numbered thousands of people accused Sarksyan of abusing influence and power. He is also accused of corruption.
Pressure on the 63-year-old man to stop rising sharply as hundreds of Armenian soldiers join anti-government demonstrators. Sarksyan finally decided to resign, just days after he was sworn in as Prime Minister.
"I was wrong," Sarksyan said in a statement issued by his office, as reported by Reuters on Monday (24/3).
"In the current situation there are some solutions, but I will not choose one of them.This is not my style.I resign from the leadership of the state and the office of the Prime Minister of Armenia," he continued.
Under the revised constitution, the Prime Minister holds most of the power in the impoverished southern Caucasus country, while the President's position is merely a ceremonial post.


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