How to combat Climate Change

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Ever since its birth, the Earth has evolved from a giant ball of fire to a much more habitable home for the human species. Climate Change is all over the news and the web but what exactly can YOU do to tackle it and what are the things that we need to take care of to avoid the destruction of our planet? Here we’ve got 8 of them:

1- Go Electric
The largest contributor to global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2 ) which is produced in huge quantities from vehicle engine exhausts.

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But vehicles are an indispensable part of our lives. So what to do? Use electricity as a fuel rather than using conventional fuels like gasoline, petrol and diesel. These fuels are the cause of heavy CO2 production which in turn causes global warming. Electricity is a much cleaner source of energy. Companies have started producing electric vehicles that run solely on electricity. They have a zero carbon footprint and don’t make any noise while running too, improving the noise pollution conditions as well.

2- Move A Muscle
Even though electric cars are great but still, the maintenance cost of a car and the amount of non-renewable energy sources spent on doing so are a lot. So how about you try avoiding using your car as much as you can. How?

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Try walking to the grocery store down the street rather than driving to it. Or try walking to your favorite hangout spot that’s just a block away rather than showing off your speedster. Not only will this help the planet, it will also instill the good habit of walking daily in you and will improve your health and physical fitness.

3- Save Electricity

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In today’s electronic world, everything needs electricity to run. Even the things that don’t require any electricity, we have managed to fit some sort of screen here and there in it. So great, everything is using the green fuel. What’s wrong about that, you ask? Well in order to produce all this electricity, hundreds and thousands of tons of non-renewable energy sources like wood, coal, petrol, diesel, etc are burnt daily in huge electric power plants. The downside is that these fuels produce the dangerous by-product CO2 (the bad guy). So learn to use the electricity in your homes more efficiently. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Use LED lighting instead of the conventional incandescent lightings. Little things like these help a lot!

4- Plant More Trees

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Trees are nature’s way of producing oxygen that we humans consume naturally and artificially. Cutting down of trees to use its wood is a complete industry. Unfortunately trees are not planted at the same rate as they are cut down which means that there are lesser and lesser trees day by day. This contributes to carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere. And you what happens when that happens. Global Warming.

5- Waste Recycling

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The use of plastics has increased dramatically in our everyday lives. All benefits aside, plastic is non-biodegradable which means that it won’t decompose naturally when dumped in soil like normal materials. Burning plastics also doesn’t completely get rid of them, they still persist in some other form. So rather than throwing away that water bottle, fill it up again and use it when the next time you go out of your home.

6- Water. Use Wisely
You know that thing we humans use to drink to quench our thirst and wash our dishes and clothes? Yeah that. It’s precious. Don’t waste it.

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In third world countries people don’t even have clean drinking water let alone for bathing or washing things. What we can do to help is to minimize water use in our daily lives. Like turning off the tap while shaving or brushing in the morning, remembering to turn off any water tap after its done being used. And oh yeah, fixing leaks. It helps too.

7- Buy Local Food

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We tend to buy food in packaged form that has travelled a long way to get to us. This takes up quite some fuel. Avoid using food from foreign places and try using locally produced goods.

8- Embrace The Sun

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Ok I admit putting up a windmill on your rooftop to harness the wind power is kind of stupid looking. But solar panels aren’t. Solar panels have the ability to convert sunlight into electricity. Magic! Rather than relying on mains electricity, shift to solar and save on the electricity bills while lowering the overall electricity consumption of your area thus saving a valuable energy source.

I think those 8 are enough tips for one day. How about you go and start using them daily, eh? Save the planet or something maybe.

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How do you know that the supposed Climate Change isnt just a lie from the brainwashing media? All the news ive seen, which isnt produced by the people behind the curtain, suggests from historical data, that the Earth goes through this exact cycle, followed by a big freeze after- Naturally.
The things you listed are just things that we should do as the norm, but not many people do them. Positive critisism, its not personal at all!
Its not cool though to spread things the media are most likely lying to us about, on a decentralised platform lol, just seems to keep the big illusion a reality :) freedom of speech though of course!
Ill be doing a post on climate change with a different view, and from NO INFO from the mainstream media :) have a nice evening man!