And it was thought that if you found yourself

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nd it was thought that if you found yourself as a copper coin, but or some unpleasant bank notes, perhaps someone wants to cause you here and specifically threw you this thing in order to roll out your welfare of poverty were afraid it was that mouth disease mouth curses something like leprosy and often to the poor were treated as leper for example it was believed that money in the hand of a beggar can not be given because of his fate and therefore it was not by chance that the beggar had a hat. That is, he stood in a hat and did not pick it up, where he collected pieces This man walked through the huts knocked at the windows no one to give him a piece of bread in his hands necessarily That is it all seemed like a bag Well or a hat with which a man stood on the porch so even touch a beggar was considered a sin considered a danger considered spoiled everything was engaged the necessary it was necessary for them to submit it necessarily but at the same time served so as not to touch their own forces from the person himself and especially to his hands that lik

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