What are the worst things in your country?

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I am Tanzanian, being a third world country, i am not t Liberty to complain about most of the things happening there as its so me what expected. (3rd world country problems.), but 1 thing for sure that i pray they improve is public transportation as it is a NIGHT MARE, especially in the Commercial city capital of Daressalaam. Its dreadful.

To get on a public bus during rush hour whether pregnant, too young or too old, you must fight

,and obviously the strongest wins.

Aside from the struggle, there seems to be no limit to the number of people a bus can carry as the one with capacity to carry 36 people is allowed to carry more than twice its capacity.

This is not only risky to road safety but also suffocation of the passengers, i almost fell a victim once, luckily i was squeezed and mushed a bit close to a window and i managed to breath intermittently.

The over congestation has also resulted to cases such sexual assault, pick Pocketing in the past.

Solving the general public transportation problem may not be easy but making it a bit more bearabke by tackling these issues might help the general public.

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I think the worst things in the US are income inequality, how homeless people are treated, and unaffordable housing. We would legitimately have slums like any other third world country except here the police regularly "sweep" them away - they take homeless people's tents, blankets, and everything they own, throw it in the trash, and tell them to "move along." It is literally illegal for them to sleep anywhere, let alone do it with some kind of shelter. They do this so the rich people don't "feel uncomfortable" at the sight of people sleeping on the streets or having tent cities. They make it illegal to beg too. It's not that we don't have beggars and people without decent homes, it's just that society condemns them and hides them away so everything LOOKS wealthy. Meanwhile, people are starving and dying, in "the richest nation on Earth."
A huge chunk of us who DO have a roof over our heads, are a breath away from being homeless.
The rich have more than anyone could ever dream of, and are generally oblivious to the plight of others, because they don't see it, and our society treats poverty as a moral failing.