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RE: ADSactly World - A Brief Overview of the Events that Triggered the Current Venezuelan Crisis

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If we review the history of Venezuela, there will come a point at which we will ask ourselves: at what point did we become what we are now? Venezuela was such a prosperous country that its inhabitants went out to Miami to make supermarkets and we were known in the world because wherever we arrived we said: it's cheap, give me two. As you well say: Venezuela became a receiver of emigrants from all latitudes who saw in Venezuela not only the opportunity to escape the dictatorships of their countries, but also the opportunity to emerge, to form a family. But there came a day when some cases of corruption arose, that there was a black Friday (currency devaluation), a Caracazo (a social outburst), the rejection of political parties. From there everything began all the nightmare that we still live and from which we did not wake up. In conclusion: we were happy and we didn't know it. Excellent report as always, @dedicatedguy. Thanks always to @adsactly for sharing these works that speak of the crisis of my country.


Yes Nancy, I invite you to check what Angel Garcia Banch has been saying for a few months on his twitter account.

This old video also has useful information regarding Venezuela's past:

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