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UNIRock "Qanon Phenomenon Investigation part 46 - the baker reveal email."

This email was a leaked from a insider Baker that worked with the CBTS_(crew)
behind the scenes. In this email he "LEAKS" all information about what Qanon
really is, his participation along with the other "Bakers" and their roles
in the deception.

compiled by UNIRock & #ROCKaSQUAD for dissemination to the truther community
to be considered in any level of their understanding of the situation.

20:26 5-17-2018 (evidence for direct copy with no alteration is in livestream on unirock2 (youtube) unirocktv (twitch) same date and time
backed up by UNIRock

From: Murk Murk
Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2018 12:11 AM
To: unirocktv
Subject: CBTS Baker setting story straight. I'm tired of the lies. Q tell all.Just the truth.


I’m here to separate FACT from FICTION.

For a couple of month’s, I tried to set things straight. I eventually gave up trying because every time I posted anything to tell the truth it was quickly deleted off the board, and people were too brainwashed by this point. Everyone affiliated with CBTS were quick to label me or others a “SHILL” when posting things on the board. They told Anons to ignore my posts and they followed marching orders like the sheep they’ve become. It’s really sad! The one thing we were trying to push on everyone not to be.

Let me explain. I’m one of the original members of the CBTS group/bakers/Mods – or whatever you want to call us. I ended up bailing from the group, as did a many others, and because of the shit that this all turned in to.

I happened to come across your recent live stream today 5/5/18, where you were covering Dr. Corsi. Watching it made my blood boil for one, because of the lies and deception that is still going on, but I also felt full of guilt because I was a part of all this shit.

I want to set things right and I’m hoping you can get my words out for me to those who are willing to listen. I want to clear my conscience by doing this too. I’m no SHILL! And I am all for taking back my government!

I also want the truth out once and for all because I can’t continue to see true Americans, honest people, and those wanting something better for this country to be taken advantage of any longer.

I have nothing to gain, and nothing to lose by doing this. All I want is for the truth to be told once and for all! Don’t allow the real SHILLS and Famefags, which consists of anyone affiliated to CBTS/8chan/4chan to take advantage of all of you true Americans!!!

Here are the FACTS:

Yes, there are positive changes going on in our country that have everything to do with GEOTUS! They have nothing to do with “Q.” Yes, we started this to rally up patriots for a common cause. Yes, we had good intentions - in the beginning. We wanted to create something positive even it was a bit deceptive (it was for a good cause we thought).

And I say this with so much guilt, No, there is no real Q member or members within the government or in the military giving us intel. It’s the truth!

I want everyone to know though that the intensions behind all of this were noble and honest at first, but it eventually changed, and people in the group got greedy, big headed, egotistical and all they saw were dollar signs coming out of this. Basically, they chose to become the famefags they are now! It sickens my stomach that I didn’t cut ties in all this sooner! I’ll be even more honest with you. There were a lot of us to start in all this, but many got booted out because they questioned things, because they didn’t want to comply with Baruch or Pamphlet, or because there were too many members to share the “wealth” with. I’ll point out additional facts and point you to the sauce on this for you to follow up on!

I’ll tell you who’s the real Q. It is everyone who clicked up with CBTS. Pamphlet Anon, Pam’s wife, Baruch the Scribe, Farmer Funk, Code Monkey, Obobo, Rain, Tracybeanz, and to a big extent Dr Corsi (unknowingly at first, but I’m sure Corsi was let on to the truth later on, IDK for sure because I had left the group but I’m pretty sure he knows the truth) are the major players that you know of (BO’s, mods, bakers etc); there were lots of us from, halfchan, reddit, and infinitychan. Each and every one of us has their own “expertise” to contribute and that’s what we did; even very useful techy members like code monkey as a great example. If shit got too heated in the kitchen, and you were considered a threat to the “plan,” guess what, you were outed! That’s exactly what kept happening. If drama broke out, a new discord server was created, a new board was created, you were banned, and more important, you were booted from the group and threatened. Everyone knew going in this that if one person said anything than everyone was going down together. We don’t Doxx Q is how it was put! It would be a “shitstorm” for all of us! This is how “WWG1WGA” came about. We are in this shit together and we’ll go down together if shit got out. The “shitstorm” fell in line with the storm. This is also where the whole “double meaning” came in. We had thought this shit out really well and we all helped to create the lie. We also knew going in that if we were going to do this we needed to cover our bases. Which is how we came-up with "disinformation is necessary,” “future proves past,” along with a many other cheeky words: crumbs, bread, bakers, red pill, etc. Think about! Do you really think some special intel person would know all these chan terms? (Autists, Anons, Bakers, Normies, etc.) Is it clearer now? We made all this shit up! Even when mistakes were made, and they were, we were able to trick people that shit was intentional: misspellings, initials. It’s even how other Q’s were created. We accidentally let it slip that there were many of us within the posts so people said – “oh they must be a group!” we rolled with it! We did this shit on a constant. People swallowed this shit up just as we hoped. There were times some members made fun of those people that did and they laughed at them. I would feel so bad at the time, but I won’t lie, I did laugh too sometimes not thinking of my actions. This would later catch up to me. I can go on for a long time with all of this but I don’t want to point every single little detail out cause it would go on forever. Hopefully by now people can see for themselves how we tricked all of you and how they continue to do it now. Just go back to the posts and you’ll see so many of the “safety nets” that we threw out and the hints/words/links to what I'm saying that will point and validate my words.

It's why we also keep changing platforms (boards) and all that.

Here are the sources (How shit was done) for you to follow up on.

A lot of the major players (actors) took turns posting as Q. It’s why you see many “device” ID’s on the chans. If you know Pam and Baruch well, and know how they talk you’ll be able to make out some of their verbal habits in the drops. They often taunted people with them. Examples: we serve at the pleasure of the president (this was us, secretly saying we were Q – fast forward it’s also why tracy kept saying “we are Q to POTUS in a recent vid of hers), some of come to drop crumbs just crumbs, trust the plan (Pam came up with this) etc. I can go on.

Prior to the elections some members had started sending letters to the president complaining about the problems in our government. It was time we got measurable change – is what they wrote. We also called it Quality and Quantitative change! This is where Q came from. We called ourselves Q patriots in every letter and made it clear that we were wanting change and that we were rooting for him and promised to help him gain votes to make this possible. We sent lots and lots of letters hoping he’d acknowledge us.

Regarding the famefagging – look back to see who reached out first to inforwars, tracy and many other truthers for interviews. The truth is out there. They’ve even been caught saying that Q told them directly to do this (BULLSHIT AGAIN). This is when Tracy came on board too and Corsi.

If you look at when we went from posting on halfchan to the infinitychan board it was baruch, and codemonkey that did that shit because of drama we had with some 4chan mods all thanks to baruch. He always caused issues. It’s why Pam pushed us to cut ties with him because we were starting to fear getting caught. He was getting caught slipping way too many times and we had to cover our tracks.

When corsi came on board he was the major lead and someone Pam always knew would bring him the publicity we needed. Pam looked to corsi for his insight to deepstate research and this is how Pam took advantage of Corsi. Corsi still hasn’t picked up on this. It’s been Pam picking his brain for drops with the help of Farmer too. Tracy was eventually told the truth and she was in and she contributed too. If she says otherwise she’s a fucking liar! I had respect for her at first and lost it. I hope she comes forward with the truth too because she did have some guilt in this too.

The tripcode – Matlock was Baruch. That fucking idiot says he knows digital forensics but he cant even come up with a secure trip? He’s the biggest moron of all. We all would secretly make fun of that fool.

Anyway, when the trip got cracked we had to come up with something fast. That’s how that “they used special hardware to crack it” came about. Farmer also helped here. You can go back to see he supposedly verifies Q’s IP to validate his new trip along with Baruch and Codemonkey – all fake. We threw that shit in the drops and people bought it all up.

Baruch and Pam silenced people that were questioning the drops, and silenced some of us that left and posted the truths by deleting our posts and banning our IP’s – yes Codemonkey/Baruch do track IPs on the board. If they tell you otherwise it’s a lie! If you search there are archives that show the deleted posts and you clearly see the BS that transpired and who’s at the lead (the BO and others). Dumbass Tripfags!

CBTS discord – Pam planned to make other platforms to collect money. Farmer wanted to start something in the discord to capitalize. Pam said no (because he already promised people he wouldn’t) and drama broke out. Eventually they planned to break up the CBTS discord allowing Farmer to collect in the CBTS discord and Pam made a new server. By this time, this was the 3 new discord server because drama kept coming up when members questioned “the plan.” This is why it also spilled over on the chans! Farmer took a fall for letting in an FBI informant (as planned). But guess what, Don’t question it, you’re a shill if you do, trust the plan! – Yup all BS!

This was a constant and still is. As we broke up the group. Someone would try to control the board to be Q. This is how Baruch took over first on 4chan, then another member, then farmer. Look back and you’ll find constant contradictions from yes we know Q, yes we have contact with Q, to and all that (baruch). Farmer responding as Q to himself as the anon who initials his post with ff (farmerfunk). Search the Qmap website for the “ff”.

More recently – you see the drama with corsi and others where Q is bashing them but then gives props to the bakers, codemonkey, and BO – Please open your eyes people! I’m so very sorry for my part but you are all being lied to.

The pictures - We would find them on the net, modify them with photoshop or other applications, reverse the images over lay things on them, or did things so that they couldnt be reversed search in google: unless that's what we wanted you to do. We would test it ourselves.

The bigger parts:

There is a website that shows all of TRUMPS tweets. It’s still on the web now ( It used to be able to load tweets right after Trump would post it but a bit faster than it would pop up on Twitter; around 5-15 min faster. It mostly depended on the server but this is how we got lucky and were able to post some of the words off Trumps tweets on the chans before it loaded on twitter. This really made it all very believable. But really it was all because there was a code that twitter provided to capture the tweet off the server (it’s how media websites would capture and embed them too). Twitter eventually fixed this and it’s why you no longer see the POTUS tweets prior to him posting them on twitter. This coding was all code monkey with the help of a few others.

Pam and his wife (Radix) gave a lot of direction on the drops. His wife wrote the questions because she knew the connections. Others helped to. Corsi as well by providing Pam answers from his research. You’ll find a lot of things from corsi’s books covered in the crumbs just reworded for the socratic method we used (Pams wife came up with this).

Here’s the MOAB (again an inside joke)!

Some individuals hacked a server ( I wont say who for obvious reasons but if you know the group, then you’ll know who’s tech enough to do this). This was a “4am talking points” server (yup it’s in the crumbs)– it’s no more than a cloud server where Journalist/reporters send their breaking news to the media. It was and has been a gold mine of info. It’s also how we found out about some of the real on-goings with POTUS. We just added more BS to it all. It made what we were dropping on the chans really look like intel. It wasn’t. We were either diligent at what we planned, very lucky or both every time. We called it the “4am talking points” because the server was hacked around 4am. This is also where it all started. I’m not sure who thought of trying to crack it but it was planned out early on when we knew we needed a source for quality information.

There are far many things that I could point out. I’ve said what I think are the major points. If you all won’t believe me now, then it’s a moot point because no proof I can give will make you change your minds and you’ll remain the sheep CBTS has made you to be. I’m very sorry to all those I have lied to, affected, or fooled. I really really am! I hope I can redeem myself by exposing the lies now before it goes even further. Ask yourselves this, “why isn’t Hillary in jail already?” A very very big sorry goes out to Deadcat because I know how much time, prayer, hope and belief he has put into this. I’m so very sorry Deadcat! We never got to meet face to face and after all this I don’t ever think I could face you.

I’m sorry!

Please know this - I'm no longer with those Assholes because I really do care! I chose to leave and they didn't boot me out. They may seek revenge or try to make you believe I"m a shill. Whatever I dont care.

I just want the truth to be out. F them if they do!




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