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images (2).jpgThe biggest earthquake in the world was in Chile in 1960. It was a wonderful 9.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. About six thousand people were killed in the earthquake. The country has planned to build earthquake comfortably according to the rules of the country. When a devastating earthquake of 8.2 magnitudes struck in their country in 2014, only six people died in their country! This is a wonderful example of what it can do to build a building in accordance with the rules. Around seven-quarters of a small quake of this earthquake in 2010, people died in Haiti in 2010, nearly three lakhs! It is a very tragic example of what can be the result of creating a poorly constructed building like a matchbox in the poor country.Related news
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People do not know the news of the earthquake, and that is why this natural disaster is the amount of damage. Due to unplanned urbanization this increased the level of damage. The earthquake incident has been happening all over the world including Bangladesh. The British magazine The Guardian released a list of the top 10 earthquakes in the world by the magnitude. Below are the major earthquakes:

download (2).jpg1. Chile, May 22, 1960: Dimension-9.5

It is said to be the world's largest earthquake. The quake measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale killed 4,848 people in Chile. More than 2 million were injured. The powerful earthquake struck in the southern part of Latin America, Chile, in 1960. In this earthquake, a seaport, named Puerto Sawadra, was completely destroyed. The earthquake caused tsunami in the sea. More than 170 people died in the Philippines and Japan due to tsunami waves.

  1. Prince William Sound, Alaska, 24 March 1964: Dimension-9.22

This earthquake caused a terrible landslide in Alaska. The tsunami was created in the sea. The number of deaths was 128 and the amount of damage was 31 million 10 million US dollars.

  1. West coast of North Sumatra, 26 December 2004: Dimension-9.11

images.jpgThere is a relation between the earthquake and sea level rise, which is known as tsunami. The most lethal tsunami in the history of the world is called the 2004 earthquake after a 9.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake and tsunamis were felt in 14 countries in Asia and East Africa. Indonesia was the most affected by this tsunami; One lakh 70 thousand people lost their lives. Many bodies could not be retrieved. It takes months to calculate the number of dead. About 60 percent of Indonesia's fisheries and factories are completely destroyed in this tsunami.

  1. Kamchatka, 4 November 1952: Dimension-9

The strong earthquake hit Russia's remote region This resulted in tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean. Kamchatka Peninsula was the center of the earthquake. Thousands of miles were felt that this earthquake, which was felt in Russia's far east and the islands of Hawaii. But no casualties occurred in the earthquake. The earthquake hit Peru and Chile.

  1. Arica, Peru (Current Chile), 13 August 1868: Dimension-9

The quake caused by the Pacific was felt to the Hawaii Islands. The most affected was the Acupa City of South America. There were 25 thousand people died there. The earthquake was also felt in the town of La Paz in Bolivia. Four hours after the first strike, the aftershocks hit the sea. The 16 meter high waves were shocked at the beach.

  1. North Pacific Coast of the United States, 26 January 1700: Dimension-9 (Approx.)

Although there was no documentary evidence of this earthquake long ago, residents of North America have heard the earthquake and its damage. It is considered one of the worst earthquakes in North America. The people living on the Pankena coast on the island of Vancouver were submerged due to the surge in tsunamis.

  1. Chile, 27 February 2010: Dimension-8, 8

Since the 17th century, small earthquakes have been felt in Chile. 521 people killed in 2010 earthquake At least 12 thousand people were injured. Eight million people became homeless.

  1. Coast of Ecuador, 13 January 1906: Dimension-8.8

The tsunami that struck in Ecuador and Colombia's sea coast killed more than five hundred people. The injured were more than one and a half thousand. This earthquake was also felt in Central America and San Francisco. The impact of the earthquake caused the flooding of the rivers of Hawaii to flood.

  1. Lisbon, November 1, 1755: Dimension -8.7

Nearly half of the people lost their lives in the earthquake that hit the Lisbon capital of Portugal. The tsunami and fire caused by the earthquake makes the situation worse. The earthquake was felt in North America, France and northern Italy.

  1. Assam-Tibet, 15 August 1950: Dimension -8.6

In the devastating earthquake, 70 villages of Assam-Tibet were destroyed. The most damaged Assam Province of India. It killed 1,526 people. After the earthquake, horrible floods arise.

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