Good life energy depression depletion of forces the negative

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ood life energy depression depletion of forces the negative impact of the presence of enemies and envious people leads to the fact that our life energy starts to decline and in parallel with it our ills begin to decrease so money is not at all such a simple thing as it seems in reality the availability of money in opportunities to earn the opportunity to live well is an indicator of that with your psychological defense and vice versa, the decline in business as a rule corresponds to the decline of the mental activity of emotional activity and, as a rule, that person the age that comes to ruin is the person who got some no emotional blow 6 there was some reason that undermined his material well-being can be it and imperceptibly for others can be a person produces as yet the impression of a secured donate and most she is that vital energy vital energy As called modern psychologists comes to an end therefore it is important to remember that our well-being still affects the whole of our life an


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