Children In Syria's Eastern Ghouta Suffering

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As a result of ongoing war, the UN says child malnutrition is at its worst in Eastern Ghouta.

Suffering severe shortages of food, fuel and medicines, and with the cold weather threatening to worsen, hope seems something like a lucid dream to the people and children of Syria.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has announced that medics have already started to transfer patients from the Easter Ghouta after long negotiations.

War seems inevitable when you take a look at history, and with the government supplying the bad guys, who can really put an end to it.

The link below has a video with graphic content so please beware.


These photos are so hard to watch .. these children should not suffer for just being born in a torn up country.

i don't know maybe UN countries like especially Europe should do something instead of just saying? Oh sorry they're too busy too close their borders to refrugees.

ah my lord these is too much haber mercy I'm feeling so sad this is crush heart breaking why they don't have food have mercy life is very disappointing I can't stand this sadness this is the saddest thing ever @joseph

I PRAY for the innocent and for the siege to be lifted now, and for the aid to be sent to these people soon. STOP WAR Bashar Al Assad please do the right thing. you are a father

How can the world allow Assad to rule anymore after all he did to his countrymen?! Torture, death, civilians, children, hospitals, aide convoys. And it just continues because the world has always looked the other way.

This is just so sad. Something needs to be done.

Unfortunately, children and ordinary people suffer the most in these situations. These are the consequences of human ambition and bad political practices, who only care about their own interests, leaving many people plunged into absolute misery.
I hope that one day things will change and humanity will not have to suffer these situations.

War is inevitable but unfortunately the more terrible & saddest reality is that Syrian civil war is not going to end soon and as a result Syrians will suffer more :(
Although I am reading & writing about Syrian war conflict on daily basis and I'm get used to it, but right now I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing these lines.We just imagine it, but We can't realize their sufferings.
As you say the Red crescent announced they have started to transfer patients but there are 600 critically ill people in besieged Ghouta & they are transferring only 29 of them because rebels have to release Syrian forces detainees in response. Although they are releasing 29 Syrian Fighters but I'm afraid they have no more detainees so they could use them to transfer the remaining 600 patients.

This is just terrible. The whole world needs to see this and all that all the governments are doing to innocent people and the poor innocent children. It really breaks my heart to see what money and power has done to humanity but it has always been that way but the sad thing is that we as people and our children are the ones who suffer the most.

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Something needs to be done! Anything!

nice post. my brother

Children not safe.

These horrible events make me feel powerless, what could we, here, united on a digital platform, do about nations and factions going to war with each other?

Is the United Nations on Steem? I'd like to support them here, if they were.

So sad.. respect to children in syiria.. im from indonesia.. pray for you all always

Sending prayers for the children! Can't take to watch the video with the children being hurt. This is sad.

Uncomfortable news, with what the malnourished children already experienced, thank you for sharing information about the place

My God......i wish these children safety help and good health.

heart breaking joseph.Children are suffering because of outlaws who are not human beings.

I wrote a small article yesterday Please go through

It is very pathetic, war those not have eyes.

Syria,Afghanistan and Iraq has been expressing war for a very long time and their is no way the people of this countries won't be affected by it and that's why the people there are suffering from famine and mal-nutrition

Hy, i'm a newby in steemit.
I like your post.
I see you interested to write about humanity.
I proud of you, because your respect to humanity. Thank you @joseph

War is not favourable to anyone except the companies who supply the arms.

I strongly recommend viewing articles on South Front and RT because the Syrian Government is not supplying the bad guys. The plan is to split Syria into parts. The recent Geneva Peace talks indicates this explicitly.

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