World cup Live-Streaming with DLive?

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First 3 considerations:

  1. DLive should make sure that only legally allowed content is been streamed. There might be actors streaming something they are not allowed to, putting in danger the existence of DLive. So they should be prepared as well, that this might happen... perhaps with a lawyer at hand? Also if it is allowed they should be able to scale up there servers... there might be millions trying to watch on DLive.

  2. Not sure if there is a country on earth which allows for Live-Streaming of the World-cup through DLive. Might be there is no place on earth where this is possible, but perhaps there is a place somewhere where legally it is ok to do so... perhaps through public television or what not, in some lost small asian country...
    If it is NOT allowed in your country do not do it! But as this platform is worldwide, I think this should be considered if it was allowed somehow, somewhere on earth...

  3. If it is allowed in your country, make sure it poses no danger to DLive neither, this would be a massive opportunity to promote Steem. Do you remember the world cup 2006 where ustream had many sources streaming the world cup? Everybody was sharing the links and ustream still exists. So... I am no lawyer... and also laws are different everywhere...

Assuming that it was legal in some jurisdiction and dLive would not get into trouble...

Steem Explainations between halfs?

Would this be an excellent spot to explain users what Steem, Steemit, DTube, DLive and Smart Media Tokens are? The break between halfs is about 15 minutes in each game.


-What do you guys think? Might this be an opportunity, or not?
-Is it allowed in your country, and if so
-in which country do you live?
-Would it be a legal problem for DLive if it was streamed?
-Which Steem-video would you want to see between halfs?

Please leave your comments below.

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Everything is copyrighted now a days lets see how it goes


Hmm... not so sure which laws apply in international waters 2 miles off the coast for example... Are there copyright issues? Also, in 208 countries and territiories there might be some which did not sign any agreements... Not sure... but if dLive is alive than surely someone will try to stream.... I would bet on it... allowed or not...