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Exploring Blockchain Architecture with Architects [Sndbox Workshop in NYC]

in workshop •  10 months ago

“Mining Creativity and Cryptocurrency”

Next Wednesday (November 15th) Sndbox will be presenting to Cooper Robertson, a prestigious architecture and urban design firm in New York City. The talk “Mining Creativity and Cryptocurrency” will illustrate the benefits of professional practice on the Steem Blockchain. The presentation will walk through a series of basic strategies and definitions to help design firms, like Cooper Robertson, see the value of the blockchain ecosystem and visualize how this platform could become a resource for architects.

All rendering images via our initial proposal for Steem Park.

Here’s an outline of the talk:

While this will be a private presentation exclusively for CR - we will make sure to document everything and provide a recap of ideas, discussions and takeaways. Here’s a bit more about the topics our team will cover:

  • Introduction to Steem and Steemit : What is Steem, how does it work?
  • Sndbox Incubator Walkthrough : Who we are, what projects we’re working on.
  • How Creatives can Monetize their Process : Step by step examples of how you can monetize architectural research, design progress, feedback loops and finished products.
  • STEEM Park as a Proof of Process : Example of community engagement and cultivating an audience through the design process.
  • Future of Decentralized Design : What this all means for architectural practice today.
  • Impact of Blockchain on Urbanism : How this ecosystem can impact the way in which smart cities are planned and interact with one another.
  • SMTs as Infrastructure for City-building : Future of crowdfunding mechanisms and the democratization of public resources within urban areas.

We’re excited to have an opportunity to present these ideas. We @sndbox believe that (especially with Social Media Tokens) the Steem ecosystem could become a transformative resource within the built fabric of neighborhoods and cities. Cooper Robertson is a big leader in this regard, having been the architect of record for the Whitney Museum in New York City, waterfront resiliency planning in Red Hook Brooklyn, master planner of Battery Park City, designer of Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, along with countless Campus master plans for universities all over the globe.



Bridging Disciplines

In a past life, our very own @voronoi actually used to work as an urban designer at Cooper Robertson! Back in early December of 2016, Kirk did a presentation called “Blockchain: The Future of Decentralized Design” which highlighted a nascent knowledge of the Steem ecosystem. Next week, we’re thrilled to have an opportunity to return and share what we’ve learned nearly 1 full year later. It’s amazing how time flies on the blockchain.


Stay tuned for takeaways from the talk! Check out Cooper Robertson for more info. All images of CR work, sourced here.

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This is awesome. Good to make architects and designers aware of emerging technologies and tools so that they can capitalize on these things.


Absolutely, we're looking forward to a lively conversation! There are so many tools becoming available for designers to use, and networks to tap into. Next year (with SMTs) Steem could become a central player in the design world.


thanks @sndbox for doing so much to steem


Thanks for your support!


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This is an incredible concept. Great thinking!


Thanks for the kind words @sirstacksalot :)

Your mention of the "Future of Decentralized Design" stirs in my mind thoughts of a dynamic, decentralized future with old-school, content-rich cultural organizations. Powerful possibilities abound as we finally begin to grow into the web!


Thanks @kenfinkel, the whole movement is almost guild-like, wouldn't you say? Communities clustered around craft and content. The Steem ecosystem could play a huge role in that www transformation.


Yes, the ecosystem we're envisioning is clustered for maximum mentoring and support of quality content, but it's much different than the guilds of old. Those were established upon cultural proximity and what that meant at the time: geographic, linguistic, economic and cultural consistency, for better or worse. I think Sndbox is well on the way towards demonstrating a new model: diverse, dispersed and distinctive.

This is groundbreaking guys, let us know how it goes! So exciting that you presented at the roundtable last year and are taking it a step further. I imagine with your real life examples demonstrating the power of steemit, this presentation will be a big hit. go team go!!


Thanks so much for the support @natureofbeing! It'll be nice to bounce ideas around. Last year there was a great turnout for the blockchain talk but few examples to illustrate what we were trying to talk about. Steem Park will be a big example this time around!

There is so much potential in this space. It's inspiring to see architects helping to raise awareness of blockchain technology. On the cutting edge.


It's exciting to see professionals of many disciplines begin to raise their eyebrows around the term "blockchain"... change will begin to take shape, especially within the design field.

Thanks for letting us know!

good post bro @sndbox

Great job guys! This is something beyond my creativity and I'm glad and very proud someone was able to accomplish this. Thanks again!


Hey thanks @bamsimmons, we're hoping to do many more of these workshops. Especially within creative fields. Just the start :)

Block chain is an amazing technology! Glad to see new companies and organizations getting on board. i cant even imagine what it will be like just even 5 years from now with the rapid growth we are seeing! Great work @sndbox!


Well for now at least it's an open door! Hopefully presentations like these serve as a catalyst to get more professionals to take this ecosystem seriously. Much more to come :)


they will. its only a matter of time :)

Good ! this is great,The people can design their building according to their choice and your ideas.


It could really democratize the creative field, especially in terms of ownership and "stake".

thanks for good post~^^


Thank you for reading :)

Very nice... Thanks for sharing, we need more stuff like that... :-)


Thank you!


You are welcome :-)


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A great investment process workshop
And very good content thank you for doing the posting
My great greetings to you


Hi sndbox, at CritDay we are really excited to explore the potential benefits of crypto on the built environment and the education of our future architects. Can't wait to see what else you get up to!

Hello sndbox,
You have been the reason i have joined steemit.
Please follow me or upvote my post. i would really appreciate it!

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This is awesome.we're looking forward to a lively conversation!


Thanks it's a great idea,

Great post..

Good post .
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As a student majoring in architecture I find this astonishing! As new technologies are emerging, new architecture is being created. This is why Architecture is so beautiful because of the wide range of design strategies.

this is the most valuable blog

You're awesome, thanks for the knowledge. 💰

I have to spend more time studying it even though it's too late. All the ideas in sndbox are amazing. Thanks a lot @sndbox.

This is amazing! Can't wait to learn more.