Exploring Blockchain Architecture with Architects [Recap of our Workshop at @cooperrobertson]

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Reaching Out + Making Connections

On Wednesday @sndbox presented to @cooperrobertson, a prestigious architecture and urban design firm in New York City. The talk “Mining Creativity and Cryptocurrency” illustrated the benefits of professional design practice as it relates to the Steem Blockchain. We showcased our work with Steem Park as an example of how you can capitalize on the process of a design project to build an audience + dialogue + simultaneous funding.

The 1 hour presentation was met with excitement and enthusiasm! (Another 2 hours of conversation followed the talk!) Everyone was very receptive, asked fantastic questions and understood how this sort of crowdsourced communication platform could be extraordinarily disruptive.


171115 Sndbox @ Cooper Robertson.png

Use Case Scenarios

Snowballing from STEEM Park, we spoke at length regarding use case scenarios where Steem could apply directly to architectural practice. This evolved into a mix of uses that could be applied today (right now on Steemit) and ideas that could one day be applied through SMT's (social media tokens).

  • Publication : Design firms frequently publish their work in the form of books or magazines. The publication idea was a big topic of discussion considering @cooperrobertson has published countless works over the course of its 38 year history. Blog posts can easily translate to chapters (a precedent set by @ericvancewalton).

  • Gallery : Architects frequently use exhibitions as a way to present their work and also experiment with new ideas. Their Steemit blog could be used as a continuous "online" or "real" laboratory for art (as proven through @reddragonfly's gallery in Port Townsend).

  • Design Precedent Archive : With any new project, architects pour through a tremendous amount of research and past examples to learn from. A Steemit blog could also be used to record this work and crowdsource for previously unknown examples / using the Steemit audience to help mine new ideas and receive feedback. @design-guy does this very well, using Steemit as an archival resource as well as a springboard for new ideas.

  • Open Source Design : Steemit could also be used to crowdsource a design concept or even application. Funding earned through the process of ideation > fabrication could be used to subsidize the work itself. @utopian-io is a fascinating example of this open-sourced mindset put to action.

  • Design Consensus : There's a big team behind creating a work of architecture. Engineers, landscape architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. Everyday (especially during the "Construction Documents" phase) architects are on the phone coordinating with consultants and debating solutions. When a consultant provides a solution, that typically is a PDF sketch that get's circulating via email. One day soon Steem could provide a mechanism where upvotes simply correlate to agreement over design changes. Each consultant would have a corresponding stake, which would determine the strength of their upvote. Something like this could be built on top of a "private community" feature that Steemit has spoken of implementing in 2018.

  • Project Ownership : Our presentation spoke briefly of the potential of Social Media Tokens. Eyebrows were raised when we spoke of crowdfunding mechanisms and the democratization of public resources within urban areas. For architects, this could become an interesting way to capture equity in public realm projects.

Process Concept.gif

Looking Forward

We were very excited to have an opportunity to present these ideas. We @sndbox believe that (especially with Social Media Tokens) the Steem ecosystem could become a transformative resource within the built fabric of neighborhoods and cities. Cooper Robertson is a big leader in this regard, having been the architect of record for the Whitney Museum in New York City, waterfront resiliency planning in Red Hook Brooklyn, master planner of Battery Park City, designer of Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, along with countless Campus master plans for universities all over the globe.

Looking ahead, we helped @cooperrobertson reserve a Steemit account. (Give them a follow!) We hope that posts like this one help contextualize the conversation for CR and motivate them to take this new ecosystem seriously as a resource that could empower their work. Stay tuned, we hope to get them rolling on Steemit soon :)

Learn more about @cooperrobertson, via their website.


*"Everyone was very receptive, asked fantastic questions and understood how this sort of crowdsourced communication platform could be extraordinarily disruptive."
By @sndbox

This statement underlines the quality of the crowd you surrounded yourself with as well as the inherent potency of the ideas and processes shared while being promoted on our platform. By the sound of it, this was a brilliant crowd of concerned citizens unifying under the sun of our decentralized crypto-sun.

The idea of capture equity in public realm projects through the use of SMTs is so powerful and must have triggered a wave of shuttering excitement in the crowd?!? I wish I would have been there to witness it!

So-called "disruptive technologies" of that kind, Id take any day... hum... Actually, I do! ;) Thanks again for your excellent works and perpetual search for excellency through the quality of articles, information and thoughts you are sharing with us here on Steemit.com, namaste :)

Thanks so much for your support @eric-boucher! We're firm believers that workshops like these help place a face to new worlds (like those we surf on the blockchain). It's fun to talk with cryptocurrency newcomers and Steemit is a fantastic illustration of crypto put to action in the real world.

The idea of capture equity in public realm projects through the use of SMTs is so powerful and must have triggered a wave of shuttering excitement in the crowd?!? I wish I would have been there to witness it!

We're working on a blog post or two that you might enjoy ;)

Not only one or two, every single one so far! I must be one of your biggest fan, though my account doesn't allow me to give you more Steem, I only wish... In due time, when it is ripe. Meanwhile, you get all I can give you. Keep up the great work, namaste :)

Nicely done. The way you've leveraged the community and identified players producing content to explain how the Architectural Functions might be incorporated into a Steemit strategy is wonderful. Hats off to you and good luck!

Absolutely, thank you so much @brian-rhodes. We hope it yields some fruitful work within the steem ecosystem!

Great running into you on the streets of Lisbon at Steem Fest. Hope to cross paths again soon!

firstly, congratulations on such a successful meeting/workshop, so great to hear they were so receptive and that doors in their minds are opening! also, this post is just chock full of clear thinking about how to implement the power of steemit and smts(although I really don't quite grasp how to put these to use yet). I realized that I don't nearly use the potential my studio life offers to share process and integrate steemit into more of what I'm doing all day. Thanks, this is really helpful!

That's great! We were hoping the breakdown of takeaways could apply to other creatives as well. So many of the conversations (that happen offline) with newcomers are really valuable. We've enjoyed taking notes at workshops like these :)

All of the ideas here—I’m on board. I’m most excited that you’ve brought a big’un on board to the interface. Welcome to the folks of @cooperrobertson !

Thanks @spectrums! That means a lot coming from you.

We're excited to have raised @cooperrobertson's eyebrows here. And a little healthy peer pressure is a good thing ;)

Awesome, I myself also an architect and this looks amazing! Looking forward to it

Thank you for your support @kimzwarch! Great to have another architect around :)

i really dont understand about blockchain

a wonderful idea, I am in awe over this job and I will not be capable of fulfilling a job like this, Although I really hope and dreaming up all this work.

Very nice indeed..

Well done, you've planted a seed, and steem is a field with vast potential.

Thanks @roused! We're excited at the possibilities here, we'll continue to push designers in this direction :)

La technologie blockhain est le futur ! excellent post !

Future indeed! Thank you :D

Wow, A potential project! Good post.. I follow

wow very nice pic and post

This is one reason i joined steemit; the education.. Now i have no much knowledge about this but i think i have gotten one or two things from this... Just a quick question; do you mean you will raise money from the platform for these projects?

like i said i am a novice so please forgive my naivety

Hey @tolarnee, a good question. If @cooperrobertson were to begin blogging on Steemit with the intention of raising funding for projects (like the one's we've outlines) absolutely, @sndbox would want to support them. Though they would need to cultivate an audience first (just as any social media goes).

ohhh.. I think i understand that

Hello @sndbox

Being an Urban planner myself who is much concern about the wellbeing of the environment and the residents of such environment, i understand @sndbox striveness for better Steemit environment and i must confess that i love the Steem park idea and a big shoutout to whoever come up with such great innovative thinking.

Organizing this type of workshop even go a long way in buttressing your eagerness to make this community a better place for everyone and am happy for the success of it and i look forward to more of such from this great group.


Thanks so much for the kind words of support @nuges, it's exciting to bring in more Urbanists into this community. Looking forward to the Communities feature in that regard, I think it'll really accelerate a lot of interesting work. Cheers!

Nicely done @sndbox congrats on what sounds like a successful meeting/workshop people seem convinced.

Thank you for your support @simonjay! Honestly, we were pleasantly surprised. We'll be doing many more of these in the future.

In the future you will be BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. Not the grandsons, the children will speak praise from the first ones like you.

I like this post very much .. I wish you continued success @sndbox

I'm not an architect but I really appreciate work of arts.
Praying your success and I bid you guys more blessings!

I hope to hear more news from you. This is very exciting to know that such platform could also be used by designers just like your audience. Great day.

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