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There are numerous disruptions facing business🖇 leaders right now, including inflation, a post-pandemic environment, and several geopolitical and social crises. It is essential for organizations🏢, regardless of which sector they operate in, to ensure that their staff is equipped with the right skills to respond to a pandemic. This will enable them to remain resilient under changing conditions. Organizations🏢 must therefore equip their workforce to meet the challenges of this environment if they hope to succeed in it. There is a gap between the level of education🧑‍🏫 and the level of employment in 57 out of 108 countries. Skills mismatch is the term used to describe this situation.

A skills mismatch of 72% is attributed to undereducation. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of young people lack the skills to qualify for job openings, leaving them unemployed and unemployable. A mismatch can be harmless and fun, such as a person wearing two different over-the-top socks🧦 to demonstrate their playful side. Some, however, can negatively affect social and economic outcomes-for example, hiring the wrong person for a job position. Worker income🤑 and career development are uncertain in such a position, and companies feel the effects of lowered productivity⌚️ and compromised work quality. WorkQuest steps into the picture here. A platform powered by Smart Contracts governed by DAO allows employers to pair with employees anywhere in the world without mismatches.

Furthermore, this revolutionary technology👨🏿‍💻 aims to expand and globalize cryptocurrency use in solving problems. The blockchain will ensure the accuracy of reviews and comments from all parties. WorkQuest will implement a system where workers and employers will be able to execute a trust-worthy contract by reviewing employee and employer ratings. WorkQuest will be launching soon and so, users will have a feel of what there is to offer. 😎


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