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It’s safe to say WorkQuest has been a revelation to all who have had the chance of knowing about it. It’s about time the opportunism in the job platform market got put out to rest eternally. WorkQuest is prepping up to dominate and become a pioneer in decentralised job platforms with a lot more flexible terms than ever seen before. One may ponder how much different WorkQuest is, from the other job platforms?

Well, aside from the significantly lower transaction fees🤑 among other things, there are a couple of things that really stand out and should enhance confidence in both investors📊 and users.

First is the implementation of a DAO system.
WorkQuest DAO incentivises💸 users in achieving set goals. Plus, it also allows anyone with an internet connection to verify members financial data and decisions that are taken. This fosters enough transparency within the system.

A rating system📈 is another way to maintain transparency. There is a problem with people not trusting job platforms completely. In numerous instances, these job platforms have either manufactured ratings or do not have any at all. A trustworthy rating and review system is provided by WorkQuest. Employers and employees will be scored using this method, allowing for the development of competent workers. This will enable employers to find the right employees more quickly.

If these aren’t transparent enough, then I don’t know what is. Upon launch, WorkQuest is going to rock the table so hard, competitors will need to take a hard look at themselves and restructure.


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