7 Work from Home Job with 0 Investment

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In this situation of the pandemic, peoples are losing their job in massive numbers, Because of the low growth of the industrial sector, employment opportunities are also decreasing. So what to do in this worst situation? Now don’t panic I am here to help you Today I will give 7 work from home job with 0 investment which you can do by staying in your own home.

So everyone knows that earning money is the most important thing in life, So by seeing today’s situation you can’t just sit in your home and waiting for that day when everything will be ok and you can get back to your work because it will take lot’s of time to end this pandemic. And if you can earn money by staying in your own home then there is no need to outside.



YouTube is one one of the best professional and best-earning platform nowadays, If you have any talent or any profession that you want to show others then this is your platform. It is basically a video watching platform where you can watch different kinds of videos made by different kinds of creators. And you can earn money by creating videos on YouTube, And the best part of This profession is that you don’t need to invest any money in it all you can shoot videos on your own smartphone and can upload videos by that.



In Freelancing people also pay a high rate of money for clip art making & for Thumbnail making. Most of the YouTubers make their video thumbnail and YouTube banner from freelancing websites so if you have talent in photo editing or you are a professional photoshop editor then you may do this job by staying in your own home without any investment and can earn a lot of money through it.



These days video editing is become so easy and simple all because of all free easy editing apps and software which you can found in the Play store or any app store and the editing tutorials of these apps are also available on YouTube and more video watching platform which means easy to learn and you don’t need to invest any money in it and after completing the learning you can easily get a job or contract.



If you are a professional Animation cartoonist then you can do this job by sitting in your own home without any investment. So animation video is kind of similar to cartoon videos is also one type of cartoon but in black and white format. This is quite an interesting and hard profession you have to do a little hard work for making an Animation video. And people pay a very high amount of money for animation video making.



If you know coding and programing language and have completed the course on how to develop an app then you may get this job without any investment in freelancing websites, in there you can find many contracts of app developing for which they will give you a great amount of money if you have the ability to develop a very good quality without any bug issue.



Blogging is one of the best ways to earn maximum money and generate a permanent income in your life. If you know how to do blogging then you know that you can do this job without any investment by staying in your own home. And in case if you don’t know then, In blogging all you have to do to open down your personal website where you have to write content or post about some category which you have talent in or which you know properly or which you want to then target a particular audience. And after your website gets approval then the ad will appear on your website and by this Adds you can earn a lot of money.



If you are a professional Graphics Designer or you know how to design Graphics then you may do this work by staying in your home. for this job All you have to do that create a profile on any Freelancing websites and then write about your profession in profile after working on 2 or 3 projects you will automatically get many clients and many clients mean more money.

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