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WorkChain.png is a distributed, decentralized blockchain-based public ledger that replaces slow traditional payroll cycles with real-time cryptocurrency payroll.

Work Records

Work entities and individuals share and verify records on to create complete, trustworthy work histories for users, which can then be called upon instantly for streamlined, accurate recruitment.

Payment Records builds a financial profile of individuals based on the payment settlements of the verified work records stored on the platform. These payment records form an accurate, evolving financial position based on past and future earnings that can be used for accessing capital.

Dynamic, Real-Time Credit enables fast, accurate credit scores created in real-time using an individual’s verified work and payment histories that are stored on the platform. By building a dynamic credit profile using this verified data, creates a true financial snapshot based on past and forecasted earnings, returning control of credit to the individual level and ending the dependence on unreliable third-party providers. automatically formulates dynamic credit scores based on the verified data on, including:

Work history (employer identity, position(s) held, employee performance, etc.)

Time and attendance history

Account and transaction history

Investment history

Peer-to-peer recommendations

Sales and operating data

Jobs completed/scheduled

As well as drawing on the verified work and payment records on itself, the platform has the ability to use external signals like those used to form typical credit scores, such as:

Bill payment history

Loan history

Current debt and other financial information

Legal history (has an individual has been sued, arrested or filed for bankruptcy)

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WorkChain is a innovative blockchain instant payroll processing project. Unique of its kind.

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