Poll:56 Do you Like Your Job?

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Most of us who are able to work at some capacity have taken up positions that might be less than what we want to aspire to but the need to put food on thr table has higher priority lest we say a bird in hand beats two in the bush, we still have to eat and tomorrow brings new opportunity.

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Poll:56 Do you Like Your Job?

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Yes , I like my job @theopinion because it’s my own company

Like the job, hate the hours. I work in a shift environment which is the worst of all environments to be in. It absolutely kills your social life as there is never a time when you or your workmates are all off together. That makes it really tough to interact and hang out together like normal people.

You try to join a team or start a relationship when your hours vary between 5am and midnight every day and night. Nit to mention the two weeks of rosters that messes everybody up as well.

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#Poll:56 Do you Like Your Job?

i guess i'm in a bit of a special situation here
of all the dozens of jobs (assuming job means slavelabour making someone else rich while getting the scraps) i ever had there's two i actually enjoyed : tending a café for someone who taught hotel-management as his "job" lol five days a week twelve hours or so a day (i dont think i could physically manage that anymore) and the other keeping some kind of "computer-atelier" for a non-profit in what could be considered the less rich part of the city, making the devices and internet accessible to everyone for free and helping kids out with tasks and homework on wednesday afternoons
(theres a whole story to that , comes down in the end i got into a situation that was worse than before because they gave it to me to "help me out" to get my papers in order, makes me sound like an alien in my own country hahah)
all the others were utter boring mindnumbing exhausting underpaid crud, factories, phonejobs, deskjobs, outdoor jobs, you name it heh

would actually be nice to see steemit rise to a million a pop, pack up my cat and move to a place where i could open own free computer atelier where its needed but

i dont make plans for longterm, havent in years

come to think of it there was this year at the flanders gov't on the department what was that name ... something like an office that checked politicians statements for "political correctness", spelling mistakes and the perfect place to put that comma lol (yea, it never comes out of nowhere does it) ... changing a word here or there that might maybe possibly be too offensive to some sub-section of the population or individuals (lets not call it censorship, lets call it re-vision) before they were handed over to the press. They also went over the govt advertising budget (boy o boy ...) and this one guy who was handling all telecom contracts by himself heh (was more like the oddball department there, i fit right in)
so at the end of the contract/year i was told to go talk to mister x because they were sure they could arrange for me to stay there and my response (which got me labelled crazy) was "ask me again when i'm 50, if i sit here another year now i'll die of boredom lol) that wasnt bad for a job but REALLY tedious, so bad i got the telecoms guy to convince the IT department to grant me full internet access, bought a book on HTML5 and thats where i wrote my first tags hahah ... no work left in the afternoon really, im sure things changed a bit now after all the sanitizing

I like my job. It gives my passion, and I really enjoying it.

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