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I decided not to go in any real order today ill talk about what i deal with where i work now my daytime job is a lil coffee shop that does a full breakfast and lunch service its my nightmare i work with 17 year old girls out front and 15 year old kids do dishes my GM is in the beginning of her mid life crisis she spends most of her time at the liquor store with her friends or one of the bars next door she pops in to yell or tell you how much work she has accomplished that day its truly maddening she told me i was going to get a 2 dollar raise at the end of may after she spent a few hours at the bar getting tuned up i waited til yesterday to ask her when it was going into effect and she said she had no memory of ever saying anything normally this would be the end of time in this kitchen but i also work for the same owner at his dinner restaurant i am currently trying to figure out how to quit one gig without losing the other i have to cut this short cause i have to go make about 300 egg bennys

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I don't miss those days at all! The struggle in the food industry is as real as it comes, especially with money. The wanna run you down and kill your mental game and give you peanut shells as pay. #StruggleBus