Likes and dislike in the BOH

in work •  last year

A few things that keep me in the kitchen i enjoy cooking when its busy when everyone is working and talking to each other its literally the only thing i do that could be consider as being on a team and sometimes i really like that i like the fact its something all be it a menial job that not everyone can do the fact its as close to being on a pirate ship as ill probably ever be is also one of the things i enjoy i like cussing and telling people to fuck off every once in awhile the jokes and the fighting from time to time and i like to lil smoke breaks to get my mind right for qhen the rush hits and im sure theres more i just cant think of some dislikes dont worry ill keep this part short cause there really no reason to bitch about shit ya dont like
1.i hate that they havent invented a quite printer
2.waitresses 65% of the time
C.the fact sometimes im treated more like a tool than a person 84% of the time

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Nothing better than being in the zone, killing shit, murdering the night but then a server comes back on some dumb shit... Ummmm, i forgot to ring 92 in and they have been waiting 45 minutes for a well done steak. Can you make it happen?? FOHHHHHHH BIIHHHHHH