Is that working hours OR?

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We spend around 8h 4-6 days a week.
We do this to be able to afford to pay our bills, and thats allowing is to live...
Not all of us are good at negotiating our pay... Some are and good for them, most of us arn't either so good at negociate terms of employment.....
So to live, we must work, noow look at -How we get to said work..

Commuting is what most fo us do, nooow, how much is that in time??? 30min? 1 hour or more..
Now double back and check that pay check you get... Did you actually add the price of your work labour to said hourly work pay??

I mean,

its actually the transport, tooo work , we need to do that to be able to perform SAID work... And with simple math, if you earn 10busck per hour at work, your comute is a hour cost of said pay.. So you earn 800usd for 1 work day, BUT your cost is 20bucks.. soo now you dident actually earn them gloriuos 800 usd, you actually got 780...
For most of Us comute or biking, walking, what effer that gets you there; and IT is a necessary evil. Many people, spend hours getting to their’s a long and painful journey via multiple modes of transport


The worst part IS- we pay for it,

we don’t get paid for it because tradition, on this matter favors the employer, not the employee.. and its a loong time tradition tooo...

Not only do we pay for gas, choose, taxi, buss or what ever, we do pay with our time tooo...

Thats time we cant fix our garden, do a yoga pass, or what effer makes us feel good.
If we now take this a step futher, we have increasing levels of sickleave.. Most do to stress...
So can employers gain in paying US the comute?? As we get moore time for our relax feel good activetys, as wer getting paied for the time we need to transport our self to work,
wer at 2020, and we havent gotten this fixed yet??, i find that a bit mindblowing.. Ok that was my 3 cents ;)

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Some of the people who i work with commute over an hour to work each way! 😨 This to me just seems crazy and a huge waste of your time which is the most important thing.
Working within close proximity to work should be a priority.

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