Work hard without expectations

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When I first started writing on Steemit I had almost no expectations. I realized since the first day that in order to make money you need to work really hard, to form a community around your content and to provide value. That's because people are the ones giving you rewards, and if they don't like your content, you'll get nothing.

However, before getting on Steemit I was publishing articles on Medium, and I wasn't doing a great work, mainly because when I first started writing for that website I expected a lot of rewards in return. My plan consisted in posting daily and waiting for all kind of people to become interested in my content.

As you can expect, it wasn't like that at all. I was posting something daily and yet no one was reading my articles. I was trying my best to create something decent, but I got nothing for all that work. Because of that I lost all my motivation and before realizing I didn't actually care about Medium any more or about the articles I was creating.

My mistake was that I started working on that website having a lot of expectations and waiting for people to come up and consume my content, just because I was posting daily. When that didn't happen I was confused and frustrated, and my content had to suffer because of that.

Later I decided to stop publishing on Medium at all and focus all my attention on Steemit. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons I kept publishing on this website despite not getting hundreds of dollars for each article I published is because I did not expect to make anything for a long time. I just knew things don't work this way here.

Because of that I kept posting every single day, trying to share with you a few of the things I learned in the past, some things I worked on when I was younger, all kind of courses and interesting videos that may help you get a new skill or develop as a person, and so on.

That helped me get more and more rewards, more and more followers and made me feel like I'm actually doing something here. This is something more people should think about whenever they publish an article on Steemit. They should have absolutely no expectations, and the only thing they should focus on is the quality of what they publish.

The fun thing is that having expectations from your articles will disappoint you a lot. I wrote several posts on this website that I considered to be pretty decent, and I expected to make some money with them. However, I didn't receive anything. Instead, I got more money on articles that either weren't as interesting or I didn't invest a lot of time into.

After I saw that I stopped expecting certain articles to do well and I just started focusing on creating the best content I can create. That resulted in more rewards than I ever expected, more feedback and more stability on my profile, at least when it comes to how much content I release daily.

So, no matter who you are and what type of articles you create, try to focus as little as possible on the rewards and do your best to have no expectations from your work. Just focus on what you do, do your best to create amazing things and just wait and accept any reward you get. This way you have more time to focus on quality and you won't feel frustrated when an article you thought will get $1000 will only get $1.

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