This is why they are excellent

in #work3 years ago

Some of the best people I've met recently have some common traits.

  1. frank and generous, willing to share, because they understand that deep communication must be reciprocal and that giving can be exchanged for more giving back.

  2. diligent and good at thinking, with the habit of recording and regularly summarizing information.

  3. not stuck on specific and subtle solutions to problems, but first think about the underlying basic laws, open-minded, and able to learn from the past.

  4. self-motivated, used to actively seeking solutions when encountering problems, not stopping to wait for instructions, not to mention dumping.

  5. encounter excellent people will not be jealous, looking at each other's shortcomings, saying, "in fact, he is just that", but know how to appreciate each other's strengths, willing to learn from each other.

  6. straightforward and honest in front of people, to give each other advice, after people to other friends sincerely praise each other's merits.And most people are the other way around.

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