Four things worth doing every day

in #work3 years ago

1, do not let the elephant autopilot - every day to do a sensual reluctance, the rational should do things, the longer the benefits are greater.

2, output is the best teacher - spend 15 minutes a day writing, either as a purposeless essay, perception, or as purposeful notes, comments, the longer the benefits.

3, lifelong learning is good, but into the "illusion" of lifelong learning is not necessarily - learn deeper every day, if there is still room, and then a little wider, know that deep is difficult to broad easy.

4, the so-called inspiration, 50% is the accumulation of "old" knowledge, 50% is the stimulation of "new" problems - no goods in the stomach, encountering good problems are also confused; a stomach of ink, no good problems are meaningless. No good questions are meaningless. Therefore, it is very important to keep accumulating and curious for a long time, and the longer the time, the greater the benefit.

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