A job interview....again

in work •  15 days ago

Well, here we go again. I hate this.

Have an opportunity to go full time with the company I work for. The position is even in my town. As I've been driving 20+ miles one way for 8 years....local sounds good.

But, I just went through the whole interviewing process in July. I am so out of practice it is nerve wracking. This crap stinks at 60 years old.

However, I don't want to drive that far any more. I don't want to work full time. But little things like benefits and paid time off are attractive.. just saddens me I am starting over after a 32 year career at my former place of employment. (they let me go a year ago).

The learning has been scary. I have not been pleased with my performance. I was so used to knowing what and how. Then walked in knowing nothing. Felt like I was 20 again. Well, only in some aspects. Lol. Just gaining confidence in this position and now setting myself up for more stress. Again, too old for this.

However, you do what you gotta do. Today at 4:00 I am going to go convince some young college grad I can do a job. I could probably do his but I won't mention that. Just to be polite.

Will send out an update if I manage to pull this off.

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I'm probably too late for good luck but I hope things went well for you.


Thanks much. Good luck still in order. Have 2nd interview with District Manager to face. Oh boy.


You'll do fine. Just keep in mind those that didn't make it to get to be interviewed by the District Manager, you're one of the leading contenders if not the leader.