Are you really trying or simply doing repetitive work?

in #work7 years ago

However, not all efforts are rewarding, so many people have tried and failed to achieve it, simply because sometimes they do not understand that they have to pay the price. Only get back, not simply to receive a compliment. "You have worked hard."

Around you there are people like this? Often they stay up early, often work overtime, often go to work, but often they say they do not have time, it seems their job is not over, but from leader to co-worker. Reminds people like them to shake their heads with their hands, and they do not know how to speak because they are busy but work does not work.

So really, what are they busy with? They seem to be very contradictory, they try so hard and why they work ineffective, where is the problem? Simply because they are not really trying, but just doing repetitive work.

Doing repetitive work means that you are investing time and energy in a low-cost rotation, while trying to spend time and money investing in a highly productive work rotation. Why say "the most frightened person is the one who is just smarter than you are trying harder than you"?

If you learn something that takes 30 minutes, it only takes 15 minutes to learn, it's really scary because you can take up to 15 minutes to make up for it. Time to do things that do not matter, drink less than them a cup of coffee or less surf the web than they are a bit can reach the same level they are.

However, if you invest hundreds of hours and only do a non-repetitive job, you will always be around in a low level. On the contrary, the other person also invested hundreds of hours to do high-value jobs, so the distance between you and them will grow further.

Those who work so repeatedly, they invest a lot of time in their work, even sacrificing the joys of life in work, but they can not achieve sublimation in work. . Such efforts, in addition to just enough to comfort themselves, have no other meaning. It's just like you go to the exam, the answer is correct and the answer is correct, and if the answer and answer is wrong, even if you have a clean presentation is a bit too empty.

No one starts to make mistakes without making a mistake, only the person who does repetitive work will always fall into a pit and spend a lot of time going out. And the true endeavor, every once in a while, they have to think about why they failed and lost some time thinking how not to repeat that failure.

To get rid of repetitive work, first you need to do valuable work, so what is the job worth? These are tasks that will help your goals. When you start doing anything, you need to define your goals and think about what steps to get the most out of your work. And to determine what works for your goals, you need to improve your knowledge, experience, and understanding yourself.


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