Finding Suitable Working Environment For Remote Workers or Student

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With the rising of nomad or ramen lifestyle, working is no longer done inside a traditional setting. In the past, office workers generally work in a closed environment inside a cubicle with fixed time, 9-5. However, along with the technology advancement, working now can be done anywhere. Those who pursue unconventional ways of working, is often referred as remote workers or digital nomad. These people set their own working time and working hours depending on their schedule, preferred setting and personality.


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Unlike traditional working environment, Working space these days can be referred as home, beach, or anywhere. It means these workers will no longer rely on cubicle, espresso machine, nor printing machine unless they go to a place called" digital hub" or "co-working" spaces.

Co-working space or digital hub is a shared space where remote workers are working in a rather informal settings. However, I will have to emphasize, if you want to pursue remote working, it does not mean you have to work from coffee shop or signing up to a co-working space.

I personally dislike co-working space because even it is called " working space", it is too crowded. I am the type of worker who prefer to work with minimal distraction and interaction. I get distracted especially when there is an open invitation from the swimming pool. Hence, it is a very bad idea for me to work from such places.

Even I like working from coffee shop in the past, I am very selective. I will never visit a crowded coffee shop with crappy music. Also, I will never visit a coffee shop with slow internet connection with crappy coffee.

I was very lucky to find a small coffee shop nearby my place that suits my need, a fast fiber internet connection, mid sized customers which mostly are students, jazzy vibe and a cozy environment. However these days, I don't visit that coffee shop often because my income has been static. Besides, I am back to school, so there's no strong reason to go there. I can simply study from the library or home.

I have tried to work from the library. I don't like it because when I am surrounded by books, I feel instantly sleepy. Not to mention, the connection speed in my campus is very awful. I get distracted a lot working from the library for the wrong reasons.

Lately, I am trying to get things done from my own place. I definitely don't have any disturbance except if I allow it. However, my only problem is that I don't have the proper furniture to do it. If you ask me where is my table and all, my living space is based on japanese style, sleeping on the floor and sitting on the floor.

Through this writing, I want to convey a massage that you must know what works best for you. Ask yourself questions,

  • Do you like distraction?
  • Can you focus easily?
  • Do you like working in front of a swimming pool or on swimming pool?
  • Do you like working in a hipsterish caffe?
  • Do you like sharing your connection with others?

If you have found the answer, perhaps you can start picking available options out there.

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I like to work from a less crowded place... Fast internet connection... With minimal cost... I am still working in an office but most of the time I am alone in my office, so I am happy with it...

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How lucky! That's like a great combination = fast internet + less crowded :-D

Hmm I like to sit on the floor with a cushion to prop up the laptop. It's probably not good for me but maybe if I have enough timed breaks it could work. Any kind of countertop say? Can be used as a standing desk possibly.

But in terms of focus, I am very good at tuning out distractions. Sometimes too good....


Ah same! I am using a table and cushion too. Other times, I am using standing desk to write or do my homework. I also install a reminder called eye breaks, that will notify me to take occasional break to avoid eye problems.

What are your tips to avoid distraction and be more focused?