At work on a bridge in the north.

in #work5 years ago (edited)

Workers in white water.

Reinforces the wall under the bridge with concrete. I`m pretty proud of my workmates, almost nothing can stop them from finishing a job.






Hello from my job in the north of Norway.



Resteemed beautiful

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Wow ... Development is very useful for the benefit of others ,,, hopefully your article can be a motivation for others @karja

in my country floods destroyed bridges, we didn't believe that rain falling two days can be disaster. Is the wooden construction a good support?

the wooden structure is there to put concrete inside :)

that's make sense :)

Thank you for comments and curiosity :)

Quite tough work in water....

It's an incredible job, strengthening the bridge and I see the water flowing very fast and whether it does not harm the workers @karja.

Hopefully this bridge is getting stronger and everyone is comfortable as it passes this bridge. 👍👍👍👍

The very positive work you share, the resteem let others see it.

Must be nice to work outside.

Hermosas las imagenes de ese puente @karja

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