🥗i dropped my first plate of food at the restaurant... DAMN!!! 🥗(steem lifeblog #021)

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stacking plates on my arm at the food window of st rochs, i have a bad feeling. the plates aren’t quite stable. it might be fine…

should i rebalance? i make small adjustments, try to get the pad of my thumb a bit more into contact with the base of the bottom plate.

before i know it, i am walking away from the food window, plates precariously perched...

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here a goes!

walking down the food hall. about halfway there. another server walks by. she looks at my hands. i can see bemused skepticism in her gaze. she knows i’m doomed.

still about 15 paces away from my destination — the damned table is all the way across the restaurant! - and what little structural integrity once existed is now gone. the top plate starts spinning. it slides to the right, and no amount of hand-tilt is enough to stop its motion…

in desperation, i kick the plate as it falls from my hands. fuck. our “no bullshit salad” goes flying everywhere.

….what can you do? i don’t miss a beat, just keep on walking, and deliver the other two dishes to the table at the far end of the hall. behind me, i imagine a dozen guests are peeling arugula & goat cheese off of themselves. i’m definitely fired now.

me: sorry, i just dropped your salad.

they: oh ok, ya.

me: let me get you a new one.

turning around, i survey the scene.

in spite of my wild kick, no patrons have been hit by flying cruciferous vegetables. i dropped the cheapest possible dish, just leafy greens and cheese. the host & a fellow backserver are already sweeping up the mess.

arriving back at the food window, i am apologizing profusely to the sous chef, who is laughing with me about the situation. it’s going to be ok.

sous chef: hands please! matt, only two dishes at a time now.

me: HEARD.

what’s the worst mistake you ever made at work? did you ever kick a salad?


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ow mennnnnn!!! I can just imagine the scenery there dude ahahahaha

I just to work in an icecream shop as a teenager...cant imagine how often I spilled stuff over people there...that was just ridiculous! So I know a tiny bit how you feel :)

I worked as a waitress too, so I know how those accidents are a little embarrassing. I worked on a French creperie and once I changed the crepe of a customer. But she wasn't having a good day and even after I gave her a new dish she started screaming and saying that my service was shitty! Yeap! that day was tough... but I learned a lot with those situations.

Whenever someone starts screaming at a restaurant, they are probably in the wrong! That sounds terrible :-P. but you're right, it's a good way to learn

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