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Welcome to Global School! As you discroverd in the last days, the new IT group is joining Vienna from Hungary for 3 weeks of practice. Their first mission at Global School was to create a 3D model of the hotel and the various rooms the first group did not achieved.

Our IT colleagues will live in this hotel throughout their internship and cooperation with Global School. They have been working on it since yesterday and the work is going very smoothly and quickly. Have a look!


While the photographers and advertizing group from Poland are working on their tasks, here are our friends from Hungary focused too. They work hard, but smiles don't leave their mouths!


It is impressive to see how fast they learned and could use the tool. When we are thining about it, on Monday they never worked with 3d.


Norbi is working on the room in which we are working.


While others are working on the lunch room and other part of the building.

Here is an initial outline of the work of the IT group. We are looking forward to the final result.


Thank you for the attention and support for the @globalschool

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The 3D Models already look like something. Good work!