Earnings of the earth

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One income in our earth aceh, the natural results that we can from the trees that can make a decent farmer's output is pinang, karna pinang it can say tuwa plants, which we can harvest decades sometimes can also sampay se umuran tree, waloupun our way the process is a bit slow because there is no tool in the place of work, just pasilitas what it is, we pakay just a machete karna it's just a tool that we have, the way we first process of climbing pinang one by one, we finished it split a box in the image we took this


After we split like the picture above, we are sun dried in the heat of his matahary, in the sun for two or three days, until the pinag can really dry, we can process for the next, the way we dry in the picture we take this with pasilitas as it is


After we drying up like the picture above, we just peeled it for we can sell it to our biyasa place, while the penbeli pinang, in espor to indiya to be the paint material of kayin, many more in production by country luwar to be a useful material, this is the image of pinang that we have peeled with tools seder


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