Away huit heures!

in #work3 years ago

Last shift then a well deserved Christmas break. Thank you baby Jesus!
Welcome to the Mad Max Mill...Oh yeah, she runs! Whooot! We the War Boys! Chrome! 😂🤣😂🤣

Unfortunately I'm stuck working the stelmor solo. Not the easiest work, Hot, fast and dangerous . However, triple time plus the crew owes me free drinks after work. I'll beast it 😉


Cartoon pic. Neat!

Yes. Im still getting that crypto!
Happy Holidays!🎅🤶🎄🎁


Dang that looks like dirty hard work mate... hope you got some time to rest relax and rejuvenate! Happy New Year!

Ya wow welcome to 2020
Happy New Year Kimmy!
Thanks fo droppin a line.🙂
The Mill Yes, it's something else.
I'm always up to So not much relax and rejuvenate time but I did catch up with family and friends, cared for my grows and popped lots of seeds for summer trials also started a new project "Full Spectrum Edibles".
How was your holidays? Whats new? hope all is good over there! Sending a big e-hug 🤗

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