Work everyday to buy my freedom!

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Everyday I work. Long hours. In the past I worked 60-70 hours a week. Recently I'm not able to work those long hours anymore. Just worn down! I know many of you work yourselves to the bone. Everyday I go in and tell myself "little bit closer to buying your freedom. Keep going". Is this a negative outlook? Always been very positive about everything. Happy to work and thankful for the opertunities I've been given. The older I get I realize I'm just working to earn my freedom. If I win I will be able to do what I want in a day with a little good health left. Still have years to go, but everyday I'm a little bit closer. Would love to hear from you. Do you feel this way?IMG_5072.JPG

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If you want something, you set a goal and you achieve it, and for that you have to be a hard worker

I know the feeling of being "worn-down". Its one of the worst I know. I have also worked crazy hours in the past. However, I took a stand and switched to something that is less demanding, more rewarding even though I do not make as much as I would have had I continued on my previous past. The best part? I have more time to spend with my family which I can never put a monetary value on. Totally worth it! I hope you can find your balance.


That's where I'm at. We've always put money first. Have a great home life, but rarely see the wife as she works as much as I do. Finally in a place where we are slowly "getting ahead". We getting to the harsh realization that health is going to fail before we get there. May be time to put happiness before money.

The new world order mantra

Debt is money
Freedom is slavery
Evil is good

You need to escape from the Matrix