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In the past few months I once made an article related to "buildings to be renovated" and the building is the most valuable building for patients who are sick. Yes, the building is a hospital, very logic if the building needs to be noticed.

But what you see now is the building that once made me concerned, and now everything looks so beautiful from before. For all the sides of this building it looks cluttered in the past, but from our efforts to make the building back better it works smoothly.

Now everyone there was glad to see the building, its color so striking in its eyes, and its shape also changed on some of the items of the building. I feel relieved after this work is done.


What am I doing to this building?

I just plan or make an engineering, some items that need to be fixed soon, and one of them is painting. In the painting of this building, the color should be chosen should be in accordance with the tastes of the people there, not random, and my job to draw the building.

I tried to design this building from the bottom, made me feel tired, having to draw all sides of the building from scratch. And before that, my job is to measure the distance of the building on all sides, so the results I draw are not perfunctory.

I was able to photograph and store photos of the building before it was renovated, here is the photo.


And yesterday I saw this building has seen the result, looks very beautiful from before. Very nice job for me, because the building was finished as I had planned.

See some photos below, this is a building that is almost finished, is finished but not maximized, just to clean up the messy debris there.



It's quite a fun job, the task to create or renovate the hospital has been done. May be useful for people who need it.

Thank you for your visit on this blog, hope you are always excited for today and the next day.

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Amazingly brothers @barvon design, I like to see your work

Thank you so much bang Cak 😂
Have a nice day, salam CTA

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Iya PMI di Lhokseumawe

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Rumoh Saket PMI di Lhokseumawe Tgk fadil

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