12000 + New job, maybe

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It's taken all year to move from 11500 to 12000 followers, but yesterday was the day. And I had a job interview on my first day off in two months.

The above was taken was prior to the interview - looking a bit nervous? Actually I thought it went well and think I have a reasonable chance. The interviewers were the director of IT and a senior application support guy. They asked me not to be nervous and I do remember thinking, I'm not nervous. I guess this was partly because am already in employment - quite different to seeking a job when your bank account is empty and you've not worked for a couple of years.

This role is a lot more in-keeping with my skills and I see far more potential to make a difference. I'll be much less of a 'cog in the wheel' and likely be able to bring new ideas to the table on how to solve problems, and make things a little more efficient.

As well as application support, it sounds like there will be a demand for SQL and BI/reporting. I was asked how I've been keeping my 'eye in' over the past couple of years and yes, I mentioned Steem. I told them I've done a fair amount of reporting against a cloud-based SQL server, processing the data locally either in my local SQL server or directly in Excel to present in the form of pivot tables and or charts.

We spoke briefly about Bitcoin too, and of course I was bullish about crypto. Hopefully they left the interview and piled in before BTC moved 25% a couple of hours later :)

The company office is out of town but on a reasonable bus route. They also have a cycle to work scheme (40% off a bike up to 1k) which if I was joining in Spring I would be all over. - cycling to work in rain, wind, and freezing temperatures doesn't sound like fun to me.

Anyway, I'm reasonably hopeful, and at least more confident about attending other interviews if this one doesn't work out.

Yesterdays Bitcoin rise was news to me this morning and very welcome, even though I don't own a single Satoshi. The volume over the past 12 hours or so, based on worldcoinindex and coingecko, looks huge - this does look to be the start of the Santa rally. The other alts STEEM have moved a little as you would expect, but not really anything to get excited about. It has meant there is a little break from 12 cents which has been tested 3/4 times in the past month or two.

Which brings me on to my follower count, and the 7.3% of the 12000 following that created a top level comment (Post) in the past week. Umm, well done, for sticking around. Fingers-crossed that 2020 is better than that last two.

Apologies for being somewhat absent of late, tomorrow's post will arrive though as it has done each and every Sunday this year.

This weekly post of yours gives much comfort and happiness just from its dependable regularity. Thank you!!!!

And thank you too!

Enjoy your weekend,



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Sharp looking pic man. A determined look like ... 'gonna eat them alive'.
Firm handshake I presume?

Good luck and fingers crossed, cheers!

Thanks buddy :)

Very firm handshakes from the interviewers, I like to think mine was standard - somewhere between wet fish and why are you trying to crush my hand.


sounds amazing, and perfectly in line with your #blockchainbi career :D
fingers crossed!
also congrats on the 12k - that could contain a good fraction of all "active" Steem users a.t.m.

I'm hoping there is plenty of data to play with and present - a quick way to gain appreciation from management :D

Activity is low at present isn't it? Not much positive data to assess sadly.


Hope you get the job, Asher. And congrats on the followers count. I still have a long way to go :0)

Enjoy your !BEER

Most were collected prior to mid 2018 and most are long gone - i don' think the figure really counts for much any more.

Thank you, I would really like this position!

You will get this job, as long as your heart desires! Delight in me, and I will give you the desires of your heart! Jesus said! Trust in the Lord, He make the impossible possible! God bless, abh12345!

Well it desires and so I hope so! :D Thank you!

Yes, bitcoin is on huge wave right now 😀😀😀 I hope You will get this job 😉

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Congratulations on the new milestone of followers!! How awesome!
And good luck with finding out if you get the job! Fingers crossed for you!

Thank you very much Dawne, nice to see you!

Hope it works out positively with this new job.

Is the 7.3% you mention, the number of 'still actives' in your followers? Does it up much if you stretch the activity period to one month?

Thanks @pennsif :)

1338 of my followers have posted at least once in the past 30 days, 1951 in the past 90, and 4240 in the past 365 days.

60% seem long gone :(

A bit better numbers then...

What percentage does it up to if you stretch it to the last 1200 days 😀

I was going to say 100% but it seems 366 followers have not posted at all :)

Lurkers eh!

All the best with the job interview
And congratulations 🥳

Thank you very much :D

Looks like your biting you lip a bit there. Hope you didn't give them your STEEM account details.

It's good being on the interviews only when your the interviewer... not the 'eee'.

I did not pass on my details, in case I want to talk shit at some point :)

Was thinking about that yesterday, I've been the interviewer more than the interviewee!

I did not pass on my details, in case I want to talk shit at some point :)

Well they wont find you easily with your handle.

Being the interviewer a few times help a lot when your on the wrong side of the table. You see all types pass through.

Yeah hopefully I wont need to dish any dirt.

Not sure which side I prefer to be on - employing a total duffer must not be a nice feeling!

When I first glanced at this post title, I read it as $120k+ job woohoo! Best of luck anyways :)
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I wish! Then I could throw a lot more fiat into crypto :) Thank you!

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
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Current VP: 89.96%

It's good going for an interview when you already have a job isn't it. Quite stress free and I think it shows in the interviews themselves.

I didn't even know about the bitcoin rally to I looked at my feed this morning as I don't even bother looking anymore. Lol!

Yeah I was far more relaxed. The guys helped, they were effin n jeffin all over the place!

Looked at Bitcoin and thought ooo, checked STEEM - boooo.

Hehe, that really does help!

I am starting to wonder if there will ever be an alt coin season. If there is I am binning eveyrthing

All but the STEEM!

The Steem and the Bitty coin!! :OD

You look professional, so that's a plus. I'm one of those people that thinks everything happens for a reason, so the outcome will be a benefit now or in the future. I feel like you're going to get the job, but either way, it will lead to something better!

Last year, I was robbed while studying in Germany. When I returned, everything conspired to prevent me from getting back into my unit. I had a feeling that while this looked bad in the moment, it was actually for the good. Turns out I was right. There were raids on the properties and the building was shut down by the city. The glass is always half full. Best wishes to you! :)

Hopefully some good things will come, countering the English rain :)

So you were robbed, the building was raided, and everything that was stolen was returned to you via insurance?

No. I had no insurance. The property was owned by a family I knew. While in Germany, the son that we trusted who was managing the property was sent to rehab and replaced by a destitute drug addict. Since I was the only one there who had any resources, my unit was targeted.

The father died of cancer in 2014 leaving the wife losing her son to drugs. Since I knew her, I did not have the heart to sue as is the custom here in America. She's been through so much, including having managers steal from the family. My conscience would have eaten me alive if I had taken her to court. The building manager was fired. They offered to sell me the building at a discount, but knowing it was going to be closed, I declined.

Ahh ok.

Well for what it is worth, I think you did right not to head to the courts. Just one of those things in life that you have to take on the chin I guess.

Cheeky gits trying to sell you the building though!

Congrats on the 12k folowers and wish you all the best going forward!

Cheers! A name I've not seen in a little while :)

At this rate, I will hit 12000 sometime in 2034, just in time for 0.95% inflation rate.

The bump to BTC was not unexpected, but I wasn't expecting it to be such a big bump.

Good luck with the waiting for the yes part.

If that happens STEEM has survived :D

Thank you.

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

You're a good looking dude ;P
Best of luck with the job; sounds like something worth sinking your teeth into.
FWIW my most recent top level post was 25 days ago; but I've been active daily.
Does changing that variable from 7 to 30 add many punters?
Never mind. I just saw Pennsif asked exactly the same thing.

blushes :)

I think there is huge potential to do some decent things at this place. They seem to be lacking in IT bods and are growing rapidly, hopefully I can help.

1338 of my followers have posted at least once in the past 30 days, 1951 in the past 90, and 4240 in the past 365 days.

And finally, 366 have never posted at all :)

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Well if they like blockchain sounds like you're in!

It's so important to do something that fits with yer skillls set and hopefully with decent people too!

I quite fancy a regular job myself, just for a few more years maybe.

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They will like Blockchain after I've shoved it down their necks for a while :)

It's so important to do something that fits with yer skills

Yeah, I told them about taking this current one and it lacking in substance - they agreed it was unwise to continue in that role.

Back to work? Surely not?!

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Congrats on all those followers!

I don't hold any Bitcoin either, but a move up must be good for all the crypto world!

Glad you are still interviewing.
As always I look forward to seeing your Sunday post!

Thank you Melinda :)

Yes hopefully BTC can carry STEEM and others with it when the fireworks go off again in a year or 2/3/4/5 :D

Sunday post coming soon!

What!! I was still hoping for a Christmas resurgence! Maybe I should prepare to be disappointed.😉

Good Vibes!! You got this. Grats on 12k followers

Thank you!! :D

Good luck on the job, hope it comes through for you - All those new co-workers to throat-punch. Glorious.

Nice choice of suit combo too - That colour of blue conveys trust which, when backed by intelligence and an affable nature, can leave interviewers feeling relaxed and comfortable.

12,000 followers...I recall getting 1200! Was pretty happy with that...Only took 2 years...So, another 5 or so years and I'll be pushing 12,000! 😂

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Thank you!

I'm hoping that there will be much less diet and trash TV talk - I could be the one instigating that when I start exercising and watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here again :D

That colour of blue conveys trust which, when backed by intelligence and an affable nature, can leave interviewers feeling relaxed and comfortable.

I didn't know this and I'm happy with the lucky choice!

It's blood out of a stone with regards to followers and has been for over a year. Followed by SP could be a better metric.

Yeah, to be honest I stopped worrying about followers ages ago. It's not really my thing anyway. At first I wanted to gather them...Now I'd rather 20 good ones than 1500 followers who never even glance at my posts.

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Good luck through the hiring process, you got some mad skills so I'm sure you'll get it.

This is the only post that was an interesting read while scrolling down Trending.

Thanks a lot, I’m keen and crossing my fingers.

$19 to get into trending is surprising, and if this one is one of the more interesting I am concerned :)

I scrolled down quite a bit. Everything aside from Anyx's post up there was uninteresting to say the least and I read that one earlier. Sure you'll get it. Who the fuck even shows up wearing a suit these days? Just with that you've got a huge step up over all the degenerates that probably came in some tshirt and jeans telling them when they want their time off.

Looking pretty respectable there!

Cheers fella! The art of disguise :D

Know that feeling... When people see me on stage in a tux or dinner jacket... They aren't expecting the guy outside on the train dressed in '90 nerd fashion to be the same person.

For me, you don't look nervous but engaged (hope this is the correct word)!
You want this job and you go for it.

You can make it!

Wish you all the best and


Well, wishing you all the best on the job front! It's always nice to think we can get something where we're making an actual difference, not just being a nameless number somewhere. Facing similar decisions here... after almost 20 years of self-employment "paid work" seems to loom larger and larger. But still going to give a few other things a shot... before finally throwing in the towel.

Congrats on the new job in advance!

Hi @abh12345

Did you manage to get that job? :)

It is a work in progress. They wish to meet for an informal meeting on Monday at a burger joint and so I guess that is a positive - nothing final either way as yet.

Thanks :)

Wow 12k followers. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉 And good luck, hope you get the job. 👍👍👍

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Thank you very much :D

Blue tie blue shirt?

Nah just saw the exact 12,000 followers on your profile. :P