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Now that's something everyone easily believes but not everyone can say for certain that they understand the true implications of what the sentence means.

The moment you say you are responsible you indirectly say that you are also irresponsible. This would mean that for every time you decided to follow a path that was alienated from a responsible choice you intentionally chose to act irresponsibly. This means that your society and those around you cannot be blamed for the ill state of the affairs of your life even if they somehow have contributed to where you find yourself.

Porn Addicts will say:

  • It's because I have free data
  • I just want to understand a particular sex routine
  • I was just bored
  • These ladies are just too fine
  • I only watched I didn't masturbate
  • it popped on my screen while I was working

Drug users will say

  • I need to handle this feeling of anger
  • My boss gets me irked
  • I need to leave my problems behind
  • I didn't want the drug to just waste
  • It's only a small piece that I used
  • I didn't buy it

Either ways , there is always this victim mentality when giving excuses for why they indulge.

They all seem to avoid the simple truth which is the fact that they wanted to. Now the only reason why they keep finding excuses is because somewhere deep down they feel this other person would judge them.

Should they find themselves in the company of fellow users, they'll not need an excuse to indulge.

In all you do, try as much as possible to not be influenced by your society.

It's not a days job , but it can be done.

I'm still your favorite writer

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