Redesigning my website

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I'm almost done with my revamped website for, and only need a bit more finishing touches on the blog section before I put it live tomorrow. 3.0
This is 3.0.

I can't believe it has been six years since my last design update. My belief has always been that content reigns over design, and so making my website pretty has never been a main priority for me. Besides, I'm not much of a designer as I am a coder, so I usually wave off any need that's not practical or functional.

Now that I consider Steemit as my main blogging platform, I'm changing the strategy of my main site to that of a portal that's used mostly for others to reach out to me. I still love WordPress, and I don't see myself not developing on it anytime soon.

Markdown language for blogging is liberating. The less option I have on my post dashboard, the less need I have to make my posts "pretty". Steemit caching works really well, too. I had a blog post all ready in, and as I was ready to submit, I accidentally closed my tab, and the draft was gone. So was my 30 minutes of posting. Oh well.

I'm excited for the reveal! Yay!

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