VYPS WordPress Plugin updated to 1.6.0

in wordpress •  7 months ago

Should have did a update on Steem when I added progress bars, but needed to a hotfix for compatibility with WooWallet, so need to let everyone know they need to update if they update WooWallet.



  • Fix: WooCommerce Wallet (semi-hotfix) moved into the point exchange shortcode.
  • Syntax: [vyps-pe firstid=3 firstamount=1000 outputamount=0.01 woowallet=true]
    -Add: Removed the “You need to be logged” in on miner as let the admin use their own LG code in native language if need be (This will be done to more things)
    -Note: vyps-pt-ww will remain but will be removed eventually as people update their WooWallet version.


  • Add: User request. Added “timebar=yellow” and “workerbar=orange” to the [vyps-vy256] short code. Replace the color with the color of the choice for the bars.
  • Executive Decision: Revert to old method of activity bar rather than a counter bar as it felt more alive.


  • Add: VY256 Worker (Miner) now has a progress bar. Two actually like a boss. The yellow is for activity. If it isn’t going you may have to refresh. The orange is the steady progress till the point payout which when it gets to 100% will reward the point. It is useful for high hash payout.
  • Fix: I raised the default hash payout to 1024 as I believe this reduces the amount of zero by a great abundance. As always you can set with the hash= attribute in the shortcode.
  • Some ground work for v2 XMR fork in October.


  • Fix: Miner display issue. When you had really high has to point ratios, it would display 1 before you got there.
  • Add: [vyps-ww] can use the same short code attributes as PE now or the old ones so it doesn’t break the site when you update. I am going to revisit this and use a different method before bringing it in PE before depreciating vyps-ww to a better method.

Download to update found here:


Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:


Also setup a Patreon for ease of development donations!





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