VYPS WordPress Plugin updated to 00.04.18

in wordpress •  7 months ago

Since there was about one update per day for the past three days and I'd rather spend more time coding than being on social media....


-Added percent ownership to leaderboards as percent=yes in the shortcode attribute options. Now you can see percentage of point ownership without pulling out Excel.
-Some minor house cleaning.





Addition of “Powered by VYPS” branding to Coinhive and Adscend portions. Again, if you need a pro-version feel free to reach out.


-Added shortcode so user can store their XMR for the miner share system.
-Added miner shareholders where users can upload their XMR address and based how much they own of a point type they will get their wallet with a weighted roll to be mined too. (A good meta for your users who want to convert other points to mining shareholder to earn actual XMR without having to worry about your site being hacked)
-See VY256 Miner Shortcode instruction page for details.

Download to update found here:


Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:





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