SteemPress beta,Introducing a wordpress plugin for steem

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You've most likely observed that we are chipping away at a wordpress module for steem. All things considered, it's the ideal opportunity for me to demonstrate to you the code and offer some more subtle elements.

The requirement for a wordpress module
As a matter of first importance, for what reason do we require this? is as of now giving a website to bloggers and reception is developing quick. Notwithstanding, onboarding new clients is as yet a fundamental territory where there is an opportunity to get better. Moreover, onboarding journalists who as of now have a group of people will likewise help increase our span. who has welcomed his crowd and advanced steem outside of the stage through recordings like this

Today, 29% of the majority of the web movement goes to wordpress-fueled sites. So in the event that we need to achieve countless, wordpress is as yet the place to go.

All in all, imagine a scenario in which you as a blog proprietor could consequently share your presents on the steem blockchain straightforwardly from wordpress to get all the additional advantages that the blockchain brings to the table. It would enable you to pick up another crowd and by having your adherents come to steem to upvote your posts it could likewise ensure a moment wellspring of wage.

Subsequently came


Steempress is a wordpress module that will distribute whatever you compose on your blog straightforwardly to the steem blockchain. Best of all, Steempress will likewise naturally handle the transformation from wordpress' html code into steemit's markdown! Implying that you won't have to make the additional alters that would be vital on the off chance that you were to physically post both on steemit and on wordpress, the module got you secured! ;)

Clearly, Steempress is still in beta, thus the change is as yet being made strides. In this manner, it can even now be a little janky some of the time so you may need to erase one space all over. This, notwithstanding, is for the most part extremely insignificant stuff caused by some corner cases that we don't deal with, yet. This we will hope to enhance after some time as we get more analyzers and more clients!


Custom Conversion from html to markdown to fit steemit's sentence structure

Programmed posting of your articles on steem at whatever point there is another post

Self-vote when posting an article

Guide :

V1 :

half sbd or 100% powerup

Labels that can be set for each post

Discretionary self vote

Consummate the change to deal with a greatest number of corner cases.

V1.1 :

Channels to abstain from posting a few articles in the event that they contain x catchphrase in the title

Post old articles

? If it's not too much trouble let us know in the remarks what you might want to see !

In case you're interested you can download the source code

Innovation Stack

Steempress is part in two sections :


There is simply the php part, which is simply the module, it's the place the majority of the design happens. We inquiry the wordpress ties to known when you distribute an article, read them to get the content, title and so on and after that send it to the programming interface.

The programming interface is composed in nodejs, it's what will get the information from the module, change over the article to markdown and send it to the steem blockchain by means of

Step by step instructions to introduce it ?

I influenced an extraordinary guide I to propose you head over yonder to look at it.

How to contribute?

In the event that you have questions, don't hesitate to hit us up :

We have a critical requirement for all the more testing and input, we've tried this with not very many individuals and we'd love to hear what you think.

What's more, on the off chance that you distribute an article and see some transformation mistakes, it would mean everything to us on the off chance that you could send us the html of that article so we can enhance on account of it.

In the event that you have a craving for taking a shot at your own particular specifically, feel free, simply present a force demand and we'll go from that point. There are no particular tenets, attempt to take after the coding style and put remarks on indistinct capacities however that is it.


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