Word Poetry Challenge #19 "Journey"

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Image courtesy of @lilo21


Trapped by airships more than 20 kilometers high
Captured irremediably pompously
Trip without a parachute is broken my shirt
My pancreas lies deeper than the last of my illusions
A trip in my little world of wonders
Each and every one of the corners that pushed me towards the
The impetus that I had
So much waste that I lost them in a vacuum
A melancholy journey like a cold hand in your dreams
I count only a part of the insignificant adventures of the eye
These pamphlets are my love songs
There is the word that is said
And the one that is read between both exists the abyss
And a betrayed rope
who comes in asks the same questions
None will have answers
Like the last trip of an unraveled train
Like abandoned road next to the track of the jets
Stunned lost before this trip my silk wing
Unfortunate of the one who before the naked thighs
From the mistress on the bed
He is able to send a speech
What a big stupidity
when there are no ceilings inside they do not know
Of stars or roses
what a foolish thing this ghost
Recovered to the streets and dark times

Written by:@lilo21


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