Keep your word, pay your debt on time

in #wordlast year

See you tomorrow phrase
Although the request for a meeting specifies
It's like a goodbye now
Neither side asks
Because we were meeting
Lay lay Lom..

You are my Canan and my precious
very beautiful words
Both in name and meaning
They're special and they're good

For one reason or another, you cannot call.
If your friend calls you unrequitedly and persistently
don't leave them

Are there those who change their way so that they don't say hello?
well they do
After all, artificial greetings

It's good to be smiling
There are those who take this role
They are more cheerful than the cheerful ones
They're like exaggerated coughing fits.

at a funeral
Crying to those sitting in the back
Those who sniff to announce
how bad are you

free the self-inflicted
those who can't..

to your messages
Those who leave emojis
I think they are more naive


Keep your word, pay your debt on time
If you can't pay on time
say another date
If you can't pay again, borrow money from someone else.
If you can't find it from someone else, sell something and pay.

My peritosis is usually in the middle of the night
The first hours of the morning rest on my shoulder

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