When we move to a settled way of life

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Despite everything, this word is really a simple word in terms of content and meaning due to its capacity. Considering that the historical analysis of cultural norms and life style is made, it is based on a solid foundation that takes its place in daily life as a word as old and rooted as human history. Since man is a social and communal creature by his nature, it is natural to 'take' and 'give' at first, but when we move to a settled way of life, this situation causes the transformation caused by the reasons brought by the conditions, and with the essence of man's own personality, without expecting anything in return, but without going into slavery. It is a more accurate determination to define the philosophy of existence with love and respect as self-sacrifice. Although it contains an altruistic view philosophically, it will be to show the necessary respect for this concept to evaluate this situation by taking into account the contributions it has made to the norms of daily life. Because "dedication", as a concept that goes beyond a person's grasping capacity and carries him further than himself, confronts us with a reality that is not easy to reach, like the Himalayas and Mount Ararat.


Translating it as giving from the essence is perhaps the greatest favor we can do to this concept. Self-sacrifice, which pushes all the limits of human dimensions and requires a psychological depth and a social mind, is a great treasure that hides unlimited beauties with this behavior. Beyond truth, honesty and promise, there is a whole world behind self-sacrifice! It is a personal act that goes far beyond just giving the other what they need. Giving, but sincerely giving, bestowing, blaming, is a willingness brought from the heart by humility and self-sacrifice. But this is a vital fact of humanity, which has a social content that should never be confused with being abused, reaching a state of drudgery. It is the most reasonable way for self-sacrifice to be in the future rather than the economic situation, and to remain as an attitude that it adopts by preparing a solid ground for its possibilities, without isolating it, without extracting the essence of self-sacrifice from it, without reducing it to just the act of "giving". Here, a personal expectation, hope, or other purpose cannot be considered as self-sacrifice, and its evaluation drives the self-sacrifice away from its own essence. We cannot evaluate the sacrifice he endured by focusing on a goal, by suffering, as self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is a sum of actions that are more peaceful, happier with the world outside of ourselves, within the extent of our strength and possibilities, by integrating with a personality that is outside of the feelings, thoughts, mentality, compassion for nature and other beings.

In other words, charity given to the beggar and self-sacrifice is a personal attitude that is definitely not the same. If we do not separate self-sacrifice from compassion, the concept certainly means nothing more than an object that has lost its essence, empty inside, and painted with beautiful colors on the outside. Self-sacrifice is giving something from within to put the other party in a position to live like ourselves. In this respect, it is an inappropriate interpretation to consider self-sacrifice only as a personal behavior. No other concept can replace self-sacrifice, which has a heavy social side. It is the most accurate determination to define the continuation of life with self-sacrifice. If we evaluate this concept by considering the working conditions of scientists who find cures for many diseases such as smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, flu, leprosy, jaundice and so on, we will have the opportunity to evaluate the meaning of the word self-sacrifice a little more logically. In addition, those who made revolution in history and sacrificed their lives for the cause have too many to count. Humanity has created the conditions for its own development, attainment of civilization and living humanely, but it has always tried and is trying to complete these dialectical processes to make our life easier today by realizing this through more self-sacrificing personalities. These are the people who have attained the status of supreme people who have achieved social prestige, and who have bestowed their existence on humanity. These people also present new norms to societies; By eliminating all the old, useless values, they strengthened the bottom of self-sacrifice with concepts such as equal sharing, justice and freedom, and gave it its current meaning. This is why self-sacrificing people have been appropriated to the society, and it has been realized through the awareness of new ways of thinking and living better in the society through these self-sacrificing personalities.

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