I love you as much as salt now

in #wordlast year

Asked the man;

"How much do you love me?"


The woman thought;

How could he express his love for her by imprisoning her in sentences;

"I love you like salt," he said.

The man made a face!

"As much as salt?"

He said, "Then I don't want the woman who loves me as much as salt and is as valuable as salt in my life" and left!

Years passed...

One day he walked into a restaurant and ordered a meal.
The waiter brought the food he ordered.
It looked great.
He hungrily took a spoonful of his food, but could not swallow it.
Because the food had no salt at all. Although the food looked great, it was unlike anything without salt.

The man called the waiter.

He said, "What kind of meal is this without salt. Can it be a meal without salt, bring me some salt immediately, and I have two words for the one who made this dish for me."

Then he thought of that woman he had left because he once said I love him as salt..!

The man cried "blully" among the bewildered looks of everyone.

He thought of that woman!
And the injustice he did to her remained for a while..!
It's too late now.

The man froze while the waiter introduced the person who cooked the meal.

The words "You are the one who loves me like salt, my darling" poured out from his tongue of confusion and joy.

The woman smiled at the man as she threw a piece of salt into the man's food;

"Now do you understand how much I love you darling," she said.

As the man got up from the table and hugged the woman tightly, he said to her ear;

"You know, darling, I love you as much as salt now, darling," he whispered softly.

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