100 Dollar Drill Press?! Harbor Freight 10" Drill Press Setup and Usage

in woodworking •  5 months ago 

In this video I unbox, setup and review a harbor freight 10" bench-top drill press.
A bench-top drill press has been on my wish list for a while now, and with a 25% off coupon in hand I thought I would see what Harbor Freight offered. I ended up walking out the door with this drill press for about $110 after tax, title, license and insurance. When looking on craigslist for used drill presses, everything I was finding was about $130 and up so I went ahead and took a chance on the hazard fraught. I never did figure out where the two extra pieces went, but so far everything seems great.
Thanks for watching!

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I suppose it is like getting a new toy. I know how important it is to having all the tools as it makes life a lot easier. How many times it always happens that we end up with spare parts left over. As long as it works and nothing obvious is wrong it should be ok .Just hold onto them just in case.

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Thanks for the love!

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Greetings @ccssonsworkshop

Excellent acquisition

A bench drill is a necessary tool for any DIY workshop.

DIY is an activity that requires tools, and the more tools you have, the greater the capacity to work.

Correct you are! Thanks for watching!

It gives me a little bit of laughter because I see the video as if I were a connoisseur of the subject, but I really do not know anything about drills. rather, I do not know anything about tools. I hope you serve for what you are going to do in the future.

Thanks for watching anyway!

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hi @ccssonsworkshop
a good deal with this drill, and they also gave you the opportunity to have fun building it !! :-D Now what will you use it for? do you have an amateur carpentry?
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you and yes it was fun to put together. I will use it in my workshop for woodworking projects mostly and other DIY projects. Thanks for watching!

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130$ deal is good man. Glad you were wishing for it and got it :)

Wow that sounds like a good deal

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I thought so too! Couldn't pass it up! Thanks for watching!

Your welcome

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When I see a big box fill of pieces, I always thing about the Lego game :) Setting up a machine however is a bit different than building a Lego figure.
Looks like you are really skilled, which is great. Now you have your own drill that is working well. Congrats on the video, it's very professional and I hope it's going to be useful for many. Note everyone is skilled, a little guidance is always welcome.